New Delhi: The Indian Boxing Council (IBC) and Sporty Solutionz on Wednesday signed a 5-year commercial deal under which the latter will pump a huge amount worth Rs. 100 crore to give a boost to professional boxing in India. 
The investment is made in order to make India the global hub for profession boxing in the next five years. This step will give active boxers an opportunity to compete and earn. “The investment is aimed at making India the global hub of professional boxing over the next five years. The active boxers will have opportunities to compete and earn, the retired will be part of a system to create champions and the beginners will have incentives and scholarships to stay focused on the sport,” said a release on Wednesday.
“In the first phase there will be pan-India competitions for IBC boxers. The level of competition will be raised by inviting top international professionals, which in turn will uplift the competitive structure. A considerable part of the investment will go towards setting up of IBC academies.”
IBC president, Brig.(retd.) P.K.Muralidharan Raja said, “The alliance with a commercial partner will drive the sport in the right direction and give the desired pace to our commercial plans.”