New Delhi: When Borussia Dortmund played in Champions League clash on Tuesday night at the Westfalenstadion stadium, there was little a point the team in yellow and black had to make because they had already qualified for the Champions League round of 16. However, football fans who missed the match are now rueing the fact that they missed a ‘historic’ game.

Dortmund star striker Marco Reus returned to the pitch after 185 days of absence due to injury. But the doubt about whether the player would be able to perform his best was absolutely lambasted by Reus scoring a hat-trick for the team.

In what can be called the most entertaining match of the year, Borussia Dortmund scored an astounding 8 goals while Legia Warsaw countered with 4 goals. Dortmund’s Kagawa scored 2 crucial goals for the team and provided an assist later in the game.

12 goals have never been scored in one Champions League match before.

Fans on Twitter react sharply to the match as some regretted having missed the match while some expressed amazement.