New Delhi: Targeting Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho for his friction with Arsenal manage Arsene Wenger, Gunners legend Bob Wilson said that Mourinho will never be stylish enough to replace Wenger at Arsenal.

Explaining why he has no respect for Mourinho, Wilson said that he will never forget the lack of respect Mourinho has shown to Wenger all these years.

This after Mourinho and Wenger had a heated confrontation when United played against Arsenal at Old Trafford where the two sides drew against each other.

Talking to Daily Echo, Wilson said, ““Arsenal as a board, as a club, would not like Jose Mourinho’s method of management. The post-match abuse and lack of respect. His lack of respect for Arsene Wenger… I’ll never forgive him for that.”

“Arsenal, as a football club, are different in the way they try to do things. There’s a certain style.They have always tried to do things in a gentlemanly way. It’s a different way to many, many clubs.”

Manchester United recently beat Feyenoord in a classy 4-0 showdown.