Hinting at possible rift in the dressing room, soon after R Ashwin defended India ODI Captain MS Dhoni over the series defeat against Bangladesh, Virat Kohli on Wednesday said that the players in the team are not able to express themselves.

Captain Cool is under attack following India’s defeat in the first two ODIs in Bangladesh to give up the three-match series following which he offered to step down as the Captain and play just a player for Team India.

Dhoni’s anger was followed by Ashwin defending his Captain in a press conference ahead if the third ODI but at the same time, Virat Kohli’s comments just before the match on Thursday have raised several eyebrows.

“We have been doubtful in our decision-making and that is visible on the field. I don’t need to say this but then Cricket watchers and experts can see that guys not sure enough to express themselves,” Kohli expressed during a TV interview.

He further added, “Where we lacked in the first two games was not being able to express ourselves with clarity of mind.”

Ashwin had earlier come out in support of his skipper saying that he was willing ‘to die on the field’ adding that all is perfectly fine in the Indian dressing room.

“Dhoni is a legend of the game and has done a lot for the Indian cricket. It’s almost like an army where if you do not get behind your captain, you will get shot. If my captain asks me to die on the field, I’ll do it. With statistics you can prove whatever you want as you please. You have to give credit to the individual because he has done a lot of good things,” Ashwin had said, adding, “You cannot blame him for the performance of the entire team. That’s not fair.”

“Honestly, the Indian dressing room environment is not down despite the loss. The mood of the team is getting better; losing (this series) is not the end of it. We had a quiet couple of days. We would just like to finish it on a high. We would like to win the third ODI,” the offspinner also said.