New Delhi: Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has been accused of inciting violence against match officials by claiming that there is a prevalent bias against Barcelona.

It was the former Liga referee Alfonso Perez Burrull who said that “lack of respect for the referee inside the pitch incites violence.”

The accusation comes after Barcelona’s 2-1 defeat at the hands of Athletic in the Copa del Rey. Albeit Barca turned the deficit in the second leg, the defender’s claim that he and his teammate knew “how this works” for Barcelona sparked controversy.

“Making the link between a passage of play and one’s offices is like going back to the past and a terrible lack of respect,” Burrull said.

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The ex-Liga referee said that nothing hurts more than the suggestion of foul play inside the game.

“I do not think anybody likes to be told ‘hey, you are dishonourable’. You can tell me I am bad or whatever, but I am honourable because I am the referee. If we take away the referee’s honour it is all downhill from there,” he said.

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