In the year that Johan Cruyff would have turned 70, the late Dutch football legend will be honoured with a special 5 euro coin, the Royal Dutch Mint has announced.

On September 20 this year, the first ceremonial coin will be produced in Utrecht, Royal Dutch Mint declared on Friday, reports Xinhua.

“The family is honoured with the commemorative and that the start will be on this special day for him,” said Carole Thate, general manager of the organisation World of Johan Cruyff, which coordinates all activities under his name.

Cruyff, or Cruijff as is his official Dutch name, died at the age of 68 on March 24 last year in Barcelona, after he was diagnosed with cancer in October 2015.

Cruyff continued his legacy after his playing career as a coach of Ajax and FC Barcelona.

The Johan Cruyff coin is part of a new series in which historic Dutch sporting icons are remembered.