Indian cricketers Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar on-field partnership was considered as one of the most destructive in ODI cricket history. The two-right-handers dominated the bowlers from around the world for about a decade.

Although the duo shares a very good personal rapport but fans can rarely see them in same frame.

Virender Sehwag, who is known for his witty tweets recently shared a picture of him with the cricket legend and friend Sachin Tendulkar which was taken during Tendulkar’s Darshan in Delhi.

He tweeted, “God ji ke Darshan in Delhi. @sachin_rt,” to which Tendulkar replied with a better photo and wrote, “Arre Virender Sehwag, thodi der ruk jata to yeh photo use karleta 🙂 always a joy to meet you!”

Later on Sehwag replied, “Hahaha ! Hamesha se hi jaldi me raha hoon God ji 🙂 Pleasure is always of the one who gets to meet you @sachin_rt.”

Sachin is often referred to as ‘Godji’ by Sehwag on Twitter. The duo shared 18 half-century and 12 hundred plus partnerships and scored 3,919 runs at an average of 42.13 from 93 innings.