Real Madrid defender lashed out at the club’s fans after he wished Barcelona striker Neymar a happy birthday and ignored his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo who was also celebrating his birthday on 5th February.

Marcelona took to his Instagram account where he shared a picture of him and Neymar in the Brazilian jersey. The full-back wished Neymar a happy birthday.

However, Barcelona being Real Madrid’s rival and with the league reaching its boiling point, disappointed fans quickly lashed out at Marcelo for not wishing his teammate a happy birthday.

“Congratulations and many happy returns. Lots of health, love and success little bro I love you!!” he wrote.

Once Marcelo snapped, he decided to give it to the agitated fans: “Shut the f**k up idiots,” he wrote.

Marcelo later shared an image of Ronaldo and himself on the account.