Retired footballer David Beckham enjoyed a reputation of a British cultural icon until recently when a string of leaked emails resulted in a badly-tarnished image. Beckham’s alleged use of expletives for not being given the knighthood has worked unfavourably for the footballer.

Beckham is now being accused of using his charity as a bid for gaining recognition for the knighthood and has been termed as a “foul-mouthed, determined egotist” by a columnist.

However, a spokesman for the 41-year-old star has denied Beckham’s involvement in any of the emails. He said that that the leaks were “hacked and doctored” to give a distorted image of the footballer.

Piers Morgan, Britain’s outspoken commentator said that the new emails showed that Beckham was a “fraud”.

In one email, Beckham questions why money was being taken from him for humanitarian fund and also tries to obtain reimbursement from UNICEF, a United Nations children’s agency.