Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has admitted that his on-pitch rage is as fierce as what the press makes it out to be. He said that his assistant Angelo Alessio has been a regular victim of his impassioned appeals.

When asked about his on-pitch anger, Conte jokingly said, “”When I see something that isn’t going right, I am capable of murdering anyone!

“I was angry because [N’Golo] Kante was supposed to track back in place of [Victor] Moses, who had gone into the box to mark the sixth Arsenal man on the corner,” he said.

Conte’s rage was recorded in the game between Arsenal and Chelsea where he is seen shouting and pushing his assistant.


However, with Chelsea leading the Premier League fray with a comfortable lead from runner-up Tottenham, Conte’s rage at the pitch might just be the push that Chelsea players need.

Similar to Conte is Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone whose on-pitch rage is no less crazy than a man possessed.