South Korean player and Leverkusen striker Heung-Min Son has repeatedly proven that he is an indispensable asset for Totttenham who recently beat Middlesbrough in a nail-biting, crucial Premier League game. However, the South Korean’s reputation seems to be a hazy description for manager Mauricio Pochettino.

It may be that Son has sometimes frustratingly under-performed at important games. But compared to his teammates who have relied heavily on his counter, Son has time and again proven that he is one among the top brass. Against Boro, Son posed himself as a daunting threat; swinging and winging inside the D every now and then.

If the question is whether Son should be used scantily by Tottenham in separate games intermittently, it would detrimentally affect Tottenham’s chances in the league. Despite increasing the prospects of goal-scoring opportunity for his teammates, Son has scored important goals at times when Tottenham needed it the most.

Lord Sugar recently said that he was surprised by Pochettino substituting Son in the game with Boro. With Erik Lamela absent with injury, Son needs to be considered – whether Pochettino sees it or not – a stud that needs to be worn at all times.