Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the most powerful athletes in the world. His daunting sprint and lethal shots have given Real Madrid an advantage in every step of the way. However, a ‘real’ question for Real Madrid would be about what kind of difference a Ronaldo-less Real Madrid would make in football?

Ronaldo celebrated his 32nd birthday on Sunday, proving that an athlete could cross 30 and still be in the prime of his career. But the undeniable fact is that Ronaldo will be retiring sooner or later, and that Madrid will have to look for players who will bring stability when they need it the most.

Looking at how Madrid has fared without Ronaldo, the scenario does not seem to be very gloomy.

Without Ronaldo, Madrid have managed to win 26 games in 34 La Liga matches. They’ve averaged a goal of 2.4 goals per game against 2.9 with Ronaldo. The number of against goals also sees an increase as Madrid have averaged 1.1 against goals for 0.9 with Ronaldo.

Also, without Ronaldo, Madrid’s winning percentage has peaked at 76.5 while with Ronaldo, it has registered a similar 76.1.

So, with or without the most expensive athlete in the world, Madrid has managed to keep it fairly consistent till now.