Arsenal will be looking to rejuvenate its performance in the Premier League after suffering consecutive defeats at the hands of Watford and league leader Chelsea.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, who has bore the brunt of the criticism for Arsenal’s poor show, will have to recalibrate his team against injured and suspended players.

“It’s not me at stake, it’s the season of Arsenal that is at stake. In a football club it’s important you have different opinions. What matters is not the opinion of people, what matters is the next result and how we respond to different situations,” Wenger said in a press conference.

In the last game at Stamford Bridge, Hector Bellerin was taken back with a head injury. Pertaining to this fact, Bellerin might not make it against Hull City.

On top of that, Hull City, after defeating Liverpool in a surprising turn of events, might come into the game head-strong and motivated.

A defeat against Hull City would mean the end for Arsenal who’s trying to book its place for the silver position in the Premier League. Runner-up Tottenham will be playing against Liverpool tonight.

Arsenal will face Hull City tonight at 6:00 PM (Indian Standard Time).