After Paris Saint-Germain took a giant bite out of Barcelona’s chance of survival in the Premier League, it is now Arsenal’s turn to think and rue of the seemingly impossible task ahead. Bayern Munich defeated Arsenal by 4 goals; setting the total of the match at 5-1.

Granted that Arsenal had their chances to convert shots during pivotal turns in the match, it was clearly Bayern who had the upper hand in the game. Arjen Robben was the first to score for the winning team, followed by Sanchez who converted a nearly-blocked penalty into a goal.

The two teams were remarkably moving forward in a contentious game until after the first-half. Thiago Alcantara shattered Arsenal’s defence while Robert Lewandowski pulled a massive header to widen the gap with Gunners. Muller was the last to set the daunting lead for Arsene Wenger’s men who will face Bayern at the Emirates Stadium next month for the second leg.

If Arsenal is eliminated in the round of 16, this will be their seventh successive exit from the Champions League.

Arsenal, however, has a bleak chance of making position for the runner-up in the Premier League.