Arsenal striker and England international Danny Welbeck remembers those days when he used to hate Gunners teammate Kieran Gibbs who was slowly making his position in the club.

Welbeck, who was on the books of Manchester United before he joined Arsenal, is similar with Gibbs in age, hence the competition.

In the first meeting of the two player at an FA Youth Cup final, Gibbs had netted the first goal for Arsenal. However, Welbeck grabbed the win for his team.

“Obviously me and Gibbo are very close friends now but back then I used to hate him, to be honest. He was bigger than me, faster than me, he was so strong and I was like, ‘what is this guy about?’” Welbeck said to an interviewer.

“He scored the first goal at the Emirates. The second leg was at Old Trafford and I scored the winner to knock Arsenal out,” he added.

Asked about how his relationship with Giggs is faring now, the England striker only had sweet words for his teammate. “He is one of the sickest guys, seriously! He just lifts the whole atmosphere up in the dressing room. And I think he helped me a lot. He’s always there talking to you, giving you advice, asking you how you’re feeling,” he said.