Mumbai Indians rode on destructive half centuries from Englishman Jos Buttler and young Nitish Rana to thrash Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) by eight wickets in an Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017 encounter at the Holkar Cricket Stadium in Indore on Thursday.

Buttler’s 37-ball 77, laced with seven fours and five huge sixes and Rana’s unbeaten 31-ball 54, comprising seven mammoth punches over the rope, outshone South African star Hashim Amla’s maiden T20 century for Kings XI, as the visitors overhauled the massive target of 199, with more than four overs to spare.

Chasing a mammoth 199, the opening duo of Parthiv Patel (37) and Buttler dealt mostly in boundaries to raise Mumbai’s highest first wicket stand of all IPL seasons of 81 runs, as the Punjab bowlers had little to counter the left-right pair.

Such was the carnage from the Mumbai duo that there were only five dots in the powerplay, including the wicket ball of Parthiv and more importantly included 14 boundaries.

The fall of the Gujarat wicketkeeper-batsman did not deter the visitors from scoring freely and No.3 Nitish Rana continued his great run with the willow to get his fourth half century of the season off 29 balls.

Rana dominated the 85-run second wicket stand with Buttler, who was undone by Mohit’s slower delivery with Mumbai within sniffing distance of victory.

Thereafter, Hardik Pandya struck a four and a six in his 4-ball 15 before Rana pulled Mohit over the long leg boundary for a six to seal the deal in the visitors’ favour.

Kings XI bowlers could only blame themselves for letting the opportunity slip as none of the them had an economy rate of less than 10 runs an over.

Earlier, the hosts were off to a steady start with Amla (104 not out) and Shaun Marsh (26) putting on 46 runs before Maxwell took just one over from pacer Mitchell McClenaghan, milking 28 runs, to change the complexion of their innings.

Punjab needed their captain Glenn Maxwell to step up the gas and the Australian wasted no time to settle down. He started off with two consecutive boundaries off medium pacer Jasprit Bumrah before smoking McClenaghan for two back to back sixes and then two fours to finish off the over.

Amla meted out special treatment to Sri Lankan pacer Lasith Malinga, dispatching him for two consecutive sixes twice in two overs to help himself reach the three-figure mark and the team to a mammoth score. (IANS Match Report)

Ball-by-ball highlight of the match between Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians


11: 10 PM IST | Mumbai Indians defeat Kings XI Punjab by 8 wickets

15.3: SIX! Rana finishes with a maximum over fine leg. They move to the top slot in the points table 

15.2: Rana takes a couple to long off

15.1: Mohit into the attack, dot ball to Rana

11: 04 PM IST | 15 overs bowled MI 191/2. Mumbai Indians need 8 runs in 30 balls

14.6: FOUR! Hardik hits straight, the ball races like a bullet

14.5: FOUR! Hardik chips the ball for a boundary between extra cover and long of

14.4: Hardik dispatches Ishant for a SIX to long on. Mumbai in a hurry

14.3: Good yorker by Ishant, Rana plays to point for a single. Mumbai Indians need 22 runs in 33 deliveries

14.2: Rana plays a dot ball

14.1: Ishant into his last over, takes outside edge off Rana for a maximum to third man SIX! FIFTY for Rana

10: 59 PM IST | 14 overs bowled MI 170/2

13.6: Rana takes a single to long-off

13.5: Hardik Pandya is the new batsman, gets off the mark with a single to third man

13.4: Rana guides the ball to short third man fielder. Another dot ball

13.3: Mohit Sharma digs short, slow bouncer. Another dot ball to Rana 

13.3: WIDE!

13.2: Dot ball to Rana (batsmen crossed the ends)

13.1: WICKET! Mohit Sharma into the attack. Slow ball, Buttler lofts the ball high into the orbit. maxwell completes the catch. End of a very good inning from Jos Buttler  77 (37). Mumbai Indians need 33 runs in 41 balls

10: 52 PM IST | 13 overs bowled MI 166/1

12.6: Rana plays a rare dot ball

12.5: Buttler takes a single to long on

12.4: SIX! Short and width offered, Buttler parks the ball into the stands over deep mid wicket

12.3: SIX! Buttler hits a flat maximum to long off boundary

12.2: Rana takes a quick single to short cover

12.1: Buttler slaps te ball to sweeper cover for a single

12.1: WIDE! Sandeep back in the attack

10: 46 PM IST | 12 overs bowled MI 150/1

11.6: Rana gets a couple to third man

11.5: Swapnil bowls wide, Rana drags back to the bowler. No run

11.4: Buttler takes a single to long on

11.3: Rana takes a single to point

11.2: SIX! Rana lofts the ball over long on boundary for a maximum

11.1: SIX! Another first ball maximum for Mumbai. Rana welcomes Swapnil

10: 44 PM IST | 11 overs bowled MI 134/1

10.6: Rana takes a single to third-man

10.5: Buttler pushes the ball to mid wicket for a single

10.4: Rana takes a quick single off the short ball from Ishant

10.3: Buttler takes a single to square of the wicket

10.2: Rana opens the bat and guides the ball to third-man for a single

10.1: Ishant back into the attack, Rana welcomes with a SIX 

10: 38 PM IST | 10 overs bowled MI 123/1

9.6: Rana picks a single to backward square leg

9.5: Buttler punches to long on for a single

9.4: Rana takes a single to sweeper cover. Good over so far for Punjab

9.3: Buttler takes a single to deep mid-wicket

9.2: Rana takes a single to deep mid-wicket

9.1: Swapnil into the attack, Buttler takes a single to long-on

10: 34 PM IST | 9 overs bowled MI 101/1

8.6: Buttler takes a single to mid wicket

8.5: SIX! Short and low on bat, Buttler punishes Axar with a maximum to deep mid wicket

8.4: Single to Buttler

8.4: WIDE!

8.3: Rana takes a single to short mid wicket

8.2: SIX! Rana picks the slow flighted ball from Axar, over midwicket and long on boundary for a maximum

8.2: Dot ball to Rana

8.1: Axar Patel continues, Buttler takes a single. FIFTY for him

10: 30 PM IST | 8 overs bowled MI 101/1

7.6: Inside edge takes the ball to fine leg, single to Buttler

7.5: FOUR! Buttler goes over long on for a boundary. Hundred for Mumbai

7.4: Rana guides the ball to third-man for a single. Sandeep saves a certain boundary

7.3: Buttler takes a  single to third man

7.2: Rana takes a single to third-man

7.1: Stoinis continues, Rana opens where Buttler left. Short ball dispatched over fine lag for SIX!

10: 25 PM IST | 7 overs bowled MI 87/1

6.6: Dot ball to finish the over

6.5: Buttler takes a couple to long on

6.4: Rana rotates the strike, Leg byes (1 run)

6.3: Dot ball to Rana

6.2: Buttler takes a single to backward square leg

6.1: Axar Patel into the attack, Rana takes a single to long-on

10: 20 PM IST | 6 overs bowled MI 82/1

5.6: Nitish Rana is the new bats man, gets off the mark with a single to short mid wicket

5.5: WICKET! Parthiv Patel departs 37(18), Punjab gets the breakthrough.  

5.4: Buttler makes room, Stoinis follows with a short ball. Single to sweeper cover

5.3: Parthiv takes a single to sweeper cover

5.3: WIDE! Stoinis feeling pressure

5.2: FOUR! Parthiv cracks the ball square of the wicket for a boundary

5.1: Stoinis into the attack, Parthiv slogs over deep mid wicket boundary for a maximum for a SIX!

10: 13 PM IST | 5 overs bowled MI 68/0

4.6: FOUR! Another slow ball, Mohit Sharma hammered for the fourth boundary of the over

4.5: FOUR! Slow and drifting to leg side, Buttler plays to backward square leg. Easy pickings for a batsman of his caliber 

4.4: Buttler opens the bat again, finds the fielder at point. No run

4.3: FOUR! Buttler gets a slow short delivery, he punches to extra cover boundary

4.2: Parthiv rotates the strike with a single to mid off

4.1: Mohit Sharma into the attack, Parthiv gets under the delivery for an upper cut over wicketkeeper’s head for a third man boundary. FOUR

10: 08 PM IST | 4 overs bowled MI 51/0

3.6: Single off the last ball

3.5: FOUR! Parthiv flicks to backward square leg. That was a slow delivery from Ishant. Mumbai off to a great start

3.4: Buttler takes a quick single to mid off

3.3: FOUR! Buttler cracks to deep sweeper cover, even the fielder (Miller) getting a hand cannot stop that

3.2: Parthiv moves across the off stump, flicks for a single to deep square leg

3.1: Ishant Sharma continues, Parthiv flicks to backward square leg for a SIX!

10: 04 PM IST | 3 overs bowled MI 34/0

2.6: SIX! Low full toss from Sandeep, Buttler hits a flat maximum to extra cover

2.5: Parthiv takes a single to short mid wicket

2.4: Off the pads of Parthiv Patel, Saha saves a certain four

2.3: Buttler picks another single to deep mid wicket

2.2: FOUR! Buttler powers to long off boundary

2.1: Sandeep continues, Parthiv takes a single to short third man

09: 59 PM IST | 2 overs bowled MI 21/0

1.6: Buttler swings and misses the slow delivery from Ishant

1.5: Parthiv tries to flick to fine leg, will take 1 run (leg byes)

1.4: FOUR! Parthiv drives to sweeper cover for a boundary. Marginally short from Ishant, handsome shot by Parthiv

1.3: Buttler shuffles across the off stump, Ishant Sharma bowls straight to his pads. Leg bye (1 run), Buttler rotates the strike

1.2: FOUR! Buttler guides the ball to square of the wicket for a boundary

1.1: Ishant Sharma into the attack, Parthiv opens teh bat to guide ball to third-man for a single

09: 54 PM IST | 1 over bowled MI 10/0

0.6: SIX! Buttler steers the ball over deep mid-wicket boundary for a maximum

0.5: Another dot ball

0.4: Dot ball to Buttler

0.3: Parthiv takes a single to deep mid-wicket

0.3: WIDE!

0.2: Buttler takes a single to off side for a single

0.1: Sandeep to start bowling for Punjab, Parthiv gets off the mark with a single

09: 50 PM IST | Mumbai Indians openers Parthiv Patel and Jos Buttler in the middle to start the chase

09: 30 PM IST | 20 overs bowled KXIP 198/4

19.6: Amla takes a single off the last bowl. 

19.5: Axar takes a single. Good yorker by Malinga

19.4: Axar takes a couple to deep mid wicket

19.3: Amla gets a single to deep square leg

19.2: SIX! Amla gets to his HUNDRED with a maximum to fine leg. First T20 ton for Hashim Amla

19.1: SIX! Amla gets a top edge, ball flies to third man boundary for a maximum

19.1: Lasith Malinga to bowl the last over, drifts to leg side. WIDE!

09: 30 PM IST | 19 overs bowled KXIP 180/4

18.6: Axar plays a dot

18.6: WIDE!

18.5: Amla takes a single to mid off

18.4: FOUR! Amla guides the ball to fine leg boundary

18.3: FREE-HIT! Bumrah bowls a good bouncer

18.3: NO BALL! Amla flicks to backward square leg for a couple

18.2: Axar takes a single to short cover. Amla back in the strike

18.1: Bumrah continues to new batsman Axar Patel. starts with a dot

09: 24 PM IST | 18 overs bowled KXIP 170/4

17.6: FOUR! Amla plays upper cut to third man boundary

17.5 Third dot in a row, McClenaghan is firing at good pace

17.4: Another dot to Amla.

17.3: Swing and a miss by Amla, no run

17.2: WICKET! Stoinis tries to go maximum straight away, good catch in the deep by Pollard. KXIP 166/4

17.1: McClenaghan back into the attack. Leg bye (1 run), Amla rotates the strike

09: 20 PM IST | 17 overs bowled KXIP 165/3

16.6: Amla takes a single off the last ball

16.5: Stoinis takes a single, gets off the mark

16.4: Marcus Stoinis is the new batsman, starts with a dot

16.3: WICKET! Glenn Maxwell 40(18) is bowled by Bumrah. Some relief for Mumbai. KXIP 163/3

16.2: Amla takes a single to square of the wicket

16.1: Bumraj into the attack, Leg bye (1 run) Maxwell rotates the strike

09: 14 PM IST | 16 overs bowled KXIP 161/2

15.6: FOUR! Full toss on pads, Amla says thank you

15.5: Good slow ball from Malinga, misses Amla’s off stump

15.4: FOUR! As straight as an arrow

15.3: SIX! Amla launches the ball over square of the wicket

15.3: WIDE! Malinga tries to get it away from Amla’s arc, drifts a short outside off stump

15.2: SIX! Malinga bowls slow, Amla sends out of the park

15.1: Malinga into the attack, Maxwell takes a single to deep mid wicket

09: 05 PM IST | 15 overs bowled KXIP 139/2

14.6: Amla plays a dot

14.5: Maxwell takes a single to deep mid wicket, relief to McClenaghan

14.4: FREE-HIT! Maxwell generates powerful flick

14.4: FOUR! Absolutely clinical from Maxwell. its a NO ball as well

14.3: FOUR! What a shot to deep mid wicket. McClenaghan feels the heat

14.2: SIX! Same ball by McClenaghan, same result

14.1: SIX! McClenaghan into the attack, Maxwell sends the full-length ball to over straight boundary

08: 59 PM IST | 14 overs bowled KXIP 111/2

13.6: maxwell takes a single to long on

13.5: FOUR! Maxwell hammers the ball to deep backward point boundary

13.4: FOUR! Short ball from Bumrah, takes the ouitside edge of bat; ball flies to thrd man boundary 

13.3: Amla flicks to square leg for a single 

13.2: Maxwell gets off the strike with a single to mid wicket

13.1: Bumrah into the attack, starts with a good bouncer to Maxwell. No run

08: 55 PM IST | 13 overs bowled KXIP 100/2

12.6: maxwell plays for a single to long off. HUNDRED for Kings XI Punjab

12.5: Amla takes a single to long on

12.4: Leg bye (1 run), Maxwell rotates the strike

12.3: Amla takes a single to sweeper cover

12.2: Dot ball to Amla 

12.2: WIDE!

12.1: FOUR! Amla greets Krunal with a boundary to off side

08: 50 PM IST | 12 overs bowled KXIP 91/2

11.6: Dot to end the over

11.5: Amla takes a quick single to covers. FIFTY for Amla

11.4: FOUR! Amla punches straight down the wicket to straight boundary 

11.3: Glen maxwell is the new batsman. Gets off the mark straight away with a single to long on

11.2: Amla takes a single to long on

11.1: FOUR! Malinga back into the attack, Amla opens the face of the bat for a boundary to deep backward point

08: 46 PM IST | 11 overs bowled KXIP 80/2

10.6: WICKET! Saha 11(15) is clean bowled by Krunal  

10.6: WIDE!

10.5: Amla takes a single to deep mid wicket

10.4: Saha takes a single to long off. Both the batsmen are trying to accelerate the scoring rate 

10.3: Amla takes a single to backward square leg

10.2: SIX! Amla lofts Krunal over long on boundary for a maximum

10.1: Krunal continues, Saha takes a single to sweeper cover

08: 42 PM IST | 10 overs bowled KXIP 69/1

9.6: Saha takes a single off the last ball

9.5: Saha is beaten by Bumrah. That ball bounced a liottle more then Saha anticipated

9.4: Saha chips to the leg side, will take a couple. Nothing convincing about that shot from Saha

9.3: Saha plays a dot ball. He wanted to charge down the track, Bumrah drops the line. Good bowling

9.2: Amla punches to deep mid-wicket for a single

9.1: Jaspreet Bumrah brought into the attack, Amla cuts to square third man for a single

08: 38 PM IST | 9 overs bowled KXIP 61/1

8.6: Amla takes a single to long off

8.5: Saha charges, does not connect. Will get a single to long on

8.4: Amla takes a single to square of the wicket

8.3: Saha punches off backfoot to square of the wicket for a single 

8.2: Leg bye (1 run), Amla rotates the strike

8.1: Krunal continues, starts with a dot ball

08: 34 PM IST | 8 overs bowled KXIP 58/1

7.6: Amla takes a single to finish the over. Another good over by Harbhajan

7.5: Amla punches down the wicket for a couple to long on

7.4: Saha comes down the track, takes a single 

7.3: Amla plays off the backfoot, flicks to deep mid wicket for a single

7.2: Amla makes room, Bhajji follows. No run

7.1: Harbhajan back into the attack, Saha pushes to mid on for a single

08: 31 PM IST | 7 overs bowled KXIP 52/1

6.6: Single of the last ball to backward square leg for Saha

6.5: Amla takes a single to mid on. Krunal bowling very flat

6.4: Saha takes a single to mid off, Saha gets off the mark

6.3: Amla takes a single to mid on

6.2: Amla flicks to mid-wicket for a couple

6.1: Krunal Pandya into the attack, starts with a dot ball to Amla

08: 27 PM IST | 6 overs bowled KXIP 46/1. End of Power-Play

5.6: Saha is the new batsman, starts with a dot

5.5: WICKET!  Shaun Marsh 26(21) departs, Pollard takes an easy catch. McClenaghan strikes, KXIP 46/1

5.4: FOUR! very short ball by McClenaghan, Marsh pulls to mid wicket boundary

5.3: Dot ball to Marsh

5.2: Amla takes a single to point

5.1: McClenaghan back into the attack, Amla welcomes with a handsome cover drive. Will get two runs

08: 20 PM IST | 5 overs bowled KXIP 39/0

4.6: Marsh Cuts, can’t get through the point. No run

4.5: Marsh pushes the ball to short mid on, no run

4.4: Dot ball to Marsh

4.3: Amla takes a quick single to mid on

4.2: SIX! Amla picks the good length delivery from Malinga and dispatches the ball over long on boundary for maximum

4.1: Lasith Malinga into the attack, starts with a dot ball to Amla 

08: 16 PM IST | 4 overs bowled KXIP 32/0

3.6: Dot ball to end the over

3.5: Amla takes a single to deep mid wicket

3.4: Marsh takes a single to short fine leg 

3.3: FOUR! Short and wide from Harbhajan, Marsh plays to square of the wicket boundary

3.2: Marsh pushes to mid on, no run

3.1: Harbhajan Singh brought into the attack, starts with a dot. Harbhajan has bowled really well so far in the tournament

08: 13 PM IST | 3 overs bowled KXIP 26/0

2.6: Dot ball to Amla

2.5: Marsh takes a single to backward point. That was a slower delivery from H Pandya 

2.4: FOUR! Another short pitched delivery, Marsh cuts to cover boundary. That’s two in s row by Marsh

2.3: FOUR! Pandya pitches short and gives room for Marsh to open his arms to deep backward point

2.2: Pandya strays towards leg side, ball kisses Amla’s pads and a single to third-man

2.1: Hardik Pandya continues, Marsh flicks to short mid wicket for a single

08: 08 PM IST | 2 overs bowled KXIP 15/0

1.6: Marsh takes a single to end the over. Ball took outside edge and went to short mid wicket

1.5: Amla plays uppish drive to mid off, will take a single

1.4: FOUR! Amla cuts to deep backward point boundary. ball was in the air, hard chance for Nitish Rana

1.3: Another dot ball. Amla wanted a single, Marsh says no

1.2: Amla shuffeles acrossthe off stump, Mumbai appeals for a cought behind; Umpire says no. Dot ball

1.1: Mitchell McClenaghan into the attack, Marsh takes a single to mid on

08: 03 PM IST | 1 over bowled KXIP 8/0

0.6: Couple off the last ball to Amla

0.5: Marsh takes a single to cover

0.4: Dot ball to Marsh

0.3: FOUR! Short and wide from H Pandya, Marsh cuts to mid off boundary

0.2: Marsh plays a dot

0.1: Hardik Pandya starts for Mumbai. Amala gets off the mark straight away with a single to mid off. First, runs on board for Punjab

07: 58 PM IST | MATCH BEGINS! Kings XI Punjab openers Shaun marsh and Hasim Amla are in the middle to open the innings. Amla will take the strike. Hardik Pandya will start the bowling attack for Mumbai Indians

07: 45 PM IST | Here is the playing XI for Mumbai and Punjab

Team Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Parthiv Patel (w), Jos Buttler, Nitish Rana, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Harbhajan Singh, Mitchell McClenaghan, Lasith Malinga, Jasprit Bumrah

Team Kings XI Punjab: Glenn Maxwell (c), Hashim Amla, Shaun Marsh, Marcus Stoinis, Wriddhiman Saha (w), Axar Patel, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Swapnil Singh, Mohit Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, Ishant Sharma

NOTE: Manan Vohra is sick and will not play today


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07: 35 PM IST | TOSS TIME! Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has won the won the toss and decided to bowl first. Glenn Maxwell led Kings XI Punjab will come out and set the target against Mumbai Indians in Indore.



07: 30 PM IST | Team batting second has won all the 4 games played at Holkar Cricket Stadium. Expect so surprise, both Glenn Maxwell and Rohit Sharma will want to bowl first and exploit the conditions the pitch offers. 

07: 25 PM IST | Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians have played 18 matches the IPL, with both the teams winning nine games each. With the pitch offering some initial movement to the bowlers, both the captains will like to bat second after winning the toss at Holkar Stadium. A win today will take Mumbai to the top of the table; for Punjab, it will be a sigh of relief after suffering three blows on a trot.


07: 20 PM IST | Mumbai Indians contrary to their last nine IPL seasons have turned their luck around with some spirited performances. With four wins in a trot and Captain Rohit Sharma hinting of getting back in the groove, Coach Mahela Jayawardene is amongst the most comfortable managers in the dugout.

Mumbai middle order, especially the likes of Nitish Rana and Kieron Pollard has played very well so far in the tournament. While Nitish Rana — 193 runs in 5 matches — has caught everyone’s attention; Pollard — 164 runs in 5 matches — has batted with added responsibility and has been instrumental in crafting victories for MI against RCB and Gujarat Lions.

The Pandya brother duo has also been very influential in the team’s run so far. Both Hardik and Krunal have put up a show of their own — together they have scored 169 runs and shared 7 wickets in the 5 matches.



07: 15 PM IST | Kings XI Punjab comes back to the Holkar Stadium for today’s game with a cushion of 100% win record. Punjab has played two matches — defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore by 8 wickets and Rising Pune Supergiant by 6 wickets — in Indore, which is also their new home this season.

Captain Glenn Maxwell’s recent form adds to the misery as others except for Hasim Amla and Manan Vohra have misfired so far.



07: 05: PM IST | A look at how all the eight teams have fared so far as IPL completes 21 matches of this season.



07: 00 PM IST | Hello and a very warm welcome to the 22nd match of IPL 2017 being played at Holkar Stadium, in Indore between Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians.



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