Twenty-year-old 100m sprint queen of India, Dutee Chand is eyeing a podium finish of 11.1, a stage higher than her existing personal best of 11.24 in the 100m sprint in the upcoming Asian Grand Prix. Dutee is currently leading the 16-member Indian contingent in the three-leg Asian Grand Prix in China slated for the 24 and 27 April.
With more ‘realization of running in the race’ this seems a positive start for her with a mix of technique and a lot of energy. With focus on how to reduce the timings to make her performance even better, here’s Dutee’s coach and Dronacharya Awardee Nagapuri Ramesh conversing regarding the performance, practice and persistent level of the ace sprinter with NewsX:

NewsX: What kind of a training pattern was adopted after her Olympics performance?
Nagapuri Ramesh: We’ve been working on the shortcomings post Olympics 2016. Special exercises and training sessions have added to the training regime. This time we are more focused to run 11.1 or 11.2 . Stabilisation is another factor that is looked upon.

NewsX: What are the strengths and weakness of Dutee?
Nagapuri Ramesh: I would rather call it as the things that are to be developed instead of weakness. Though Dutee’s height pulls her a step back but that’s natural. Her strength is her frequency. She’s very good at it. The number of seconds, she plays at along with the start makes her better at her performance.

NewsX: Since how long have you been training Dutee?
Nagapuri Ramesh: I started training Dutee in the year 2012 at Patiala. Earlier Dutee used to practice at her village, Gopalpur in Odisha, but her training under me kicked off 5 years back.

NewsX: Dutee is leading the Indian contingent at Asian Grand Prix. How are the preparations going on ?
Nagapuri Ramesh: We have a positive hope for the Asian Grand Prix. It also depends on the level of athletes who would participate in the event.

NewsX: Olympian Tintu Luka is also a part of the contingent where Dutee is leading; being the youngest, how does Dutee manage to stand and lead?
Nagapuri Ramesh: Tintu is a great athlete. She is an example for all. Dutee learns a lot and she is currently working on her timings to match better with all the level of athletes in 100m.

NewsX: What were the shortcomings in Dutee’s Olympic’s performance?
Nagapuri Ramesh: The event was at 11pm that created the discomfort for her and apart from that it was her first Olympics.

NewsX: What’s the ‘sweet dish’ to Dutee’s training platter?
Nagapuri Ramesh: Dutee is a very good performer. With the realization of running in the race, putting energy and technique is our additional focus this time.

NewsX: How is Dutee as a learner?
Nagapuri Ramesh: Dutee is a very good performer and very generous too. She qualified for the Olympics and now she is leading the Indian contingent at Asian Grand Prix, which seems a good start.

NewsX: What are the qualities of Dutee off the field?
Nagapuri Ramesh: Dutee is very generous in nature. She’s a very good helping hand. Long back she won junior athletics and post that she met two children who wished her. Later she got both the children to the academy where we trained them for two months.

NewsX: What are your plans post the Asian Grand Prix?
Nagapuri Ramesh: After this Dutee would be training for the Track and Field that is scheduled for July. Her important target is World Championship which would host the qualifier round.

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