Skipper Suresh Raina conjured up a tenacious rearguard action to lead Gujarat Lions to a four-wicket win against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in an Indian Premier League game at the Eden Gardens on Friday.

Raina (84; 46b; 9×4, 4×6) brought up his second fifty of the season’s IPL also eclipsing Virat Kohli as the highest run-getter in the cash-rich T20 league. This was the former Chennai Super Kings batsman’s 30th half century.

The dashing left-hander, who was dropped on 1 by wicketkeeper Robin Uthappa, smashed Chris Woakes and Nathan Coulter-Nile for 18 and 16 runs respectively but fell to Kuldeep Yadav. Ravindra Jadeja, who was unbeaten on 19 with James Faulker for company at 4, hit the winning runs with a boundary.

At the beginning, Aaron Finch (31;15b 4×4 2×6) lost his wicket just when he was looking good. Coulter-Nile undid the world’s second-best T20 batsman with a fast bouncer that the Aussie tried to pull, holing out to Manish Pandey at deep square leg.

Play was stopped for half an hour after a light drizzle, helping KKR stem the flow of runs just when Brendon McCullum was looking dangerous on 27 off 13 balls and his team on 62/1. Gujarat were ahead by 21 runs by Duckworth-Lewis method.

The big-hitting Kiwi fell to Woakes with Pandey snaffling it at sweeper cover.

Dinesh Karthik (3), Ishan Kishan (4) and Dwayne Smith (5) followed suit soon after, Coulter-Nile, Kuldeep Yadav and Umesh Yadav removing the trio.

Earlier, brilliant half century by Uthappa (72; 48b 8×4 2×6) and a quickfire 17-ball 42 (9×4, 1×6) by makeshift opener Sunil Narine helped KKR post 187/5.

For the visitors, skipper Raina was the pick of the bowlers conceding just 11 runs in his two overs and taking the crucial wicket of Narine, who eclipsed Sri Lanka batting great Sanath Jayasuriya’s tally of 36 runs scored in boundaries when the dashing southpaw was playing for Mumbai Indians against Deccan Chargers.

Alongwith skipper Gautam Gambhir (33; 28b 2×4 1×6), he engineered a 45-run partnership, finding the fence every three balls taking Praveen Kumar, James Faulkner and Thampi to the cleaners.

Faulkner — playing his first match for Gujarat this season — suffered the most, going for three back-to-back fours in his last three deliveries as the allrounder, who was dropped from the Champions Trophy squad, went for 17 runs in his first over.

Courtesy the Narine blitzkrieg, the hosts were 65/1 after the powerplay.

Uthappa, in his new found No. 3 role, seamlessly blended with Gambhir to stitch together a 69-run stand for the second wicket as the men in purple tore their weak counterpart’s bowling attack to shreds.

Jadeja missed a run out opportunity off Smith’s bowling, throwing at the wrong end when Uthappa was halfway down the crease at the non-striker’s end. Gambhir benefitted from the gaffe, bagging four overthrows.

The in-form home team skipper fell to Faulkner soon after with KKR well set for a big score at 114/2, top edging a good length delivery to Raina at midwicket.

Uthappa was finally taken by Praveen Kumar but the damage was already done.

Pandey (24; 21b 2×4 0x6) and Suryakumar Yadav (1) departed soon while Yusuf Pathan remained unbeaten on 11. (IANS Match Report)


Ball-by-ball highlight of match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Gujarat Lions


11: 43 PM IST | What a chase this has been by Gujarat Lions. They win by 4 wickets to keep their impeccable record at Eden Gardens. Skipper Raina deserves the win for his fabulous innings today

18.2: FOUR! Jadeja steers past pint to finish the game

18.1: Nile into the attack, Faulkner takes a single to third man

11: 43 PM IST | 18 overs bowled GL 171/6. Gujarat Lions need 5 runs in 12 balls

17.6: Three runs off the last ball to new batsman Faulkner

17.5: WICKET! Suresh Raina 84(46) departs. End of very handsome innings

17.4: SIX! Raina takes a maximum over deep mid wicket

17.3: Jadeja takes a single 

17.2: Raina returns the favour

17.1: Kuldeep into the attack, Jadeja takes a  single to long-on

11: 38 PM IST | 17 overs bowled GL 171/5. Gujarat Lions need 17 runs in 18 balls

16.6: Jadeja takes a single off the last ball

16.5: Slow ball from Nile, Raina opens the bat for a single to third man

16.4: SIX! Raina dispatches the ball over deep square leg boundary for a maximum

16.3: FOUR! Raina makes room, Nile goes full. Raina glides the ball to square of the mid wicket

16.2: Dot ball by Nile

16.1: FOUR! Nile into the attack, Raina charges down the ground to long off boundary

11: 31 PM IST | 16 overs bowled GL 155/5

15.6: Jadeja gets a couple to deep mid wicket

15.5: SIX! Jadeja plays under pressure, gets a lucky maximum  

15.4: Third dot ball in a row. Jadeja under pressure

15.3: Another dot ball to Jadeja

15.2: Jadeja pushes to point, no run

15.1: Narine into his last over, Raina takes a single to point

11: 28 PM IST | 15 overs bowled GL 145/5

14.6: Single to end the over, Raina retains the strike

14.5: FOUR! Raina cuts past point to  deep backward point boundary

14.4: Raina plays the dot 

14.3: Jadeja takes a single to mid on

14.2: Raina takes a single to leg side

14.1: SIX! Raina welcomes Umesh Yadav with a maximum over mid wicket

11: 22 PM IST | 14 overs bowled GL 133/5

13.6: Raina plays to long off for a single. FIFTY for Raina

13.5: FOUR! Inside edge from Raina, ball goes past wickets to fine leg boundary

13.4: Jadeja picks the wrong one from Kuldeep to deep square leg for a single

13.3: Raina takes a single to long on

13.2: Jadeja cuts to sweeper cover for a single

13.1: Kuldeep continues, Raina takes a single to off side

11: 19 PM IST | 13 overs bowled GL 124/5

12.6: Raina steers to fine leg for a single

12.5: Ravindra Jadeja is the new batsman, starts with a single to third man

12.4: WICKET! Umesh Yadav takes the Smith 5(4) stumps out of the ground with a ripper 

12.3: Raina flicks down to fine leg for a single

12.2: Smith plays to deep mid wicket for a single

12.1: Umesh Yadav into the attack, Raina takes a single to backward square leg 

11: 13 PM IST | 12 overs bowled GL 119/4

11.6: Dot to finish the over

11.5: Dwayne Smith is the new batsman, starts with a FOUR to deep mid wicket

11.4: WICKET! Pressure pays off, Kishan 4(11) departs; caught in the deep by Umesh Yadav. GL 115/4

11.3: Kishan plays a dot. Sharp turn for Kuldeep

11.2: Raina takes a single to extra cove

11.1: Kuldeep continues, Raina uses pace for a third man boundary for FOUR!

11: 08 PM IST | 11 overs bowled GL 110/3

10.6: Single to finish the over, Raina retains the strike

10.5: FOUR! Raina gets on one knee and send the ball to fine leg boundary

10.4: Raina plays a dot

10.3: FOUR! Raina hits inside out for a boundary

10.2: Kishan takes a single to long on

10.1: Narine into the attack, Raina takes a single to sweeper cover

11: 05 PM IST | 10 overs bowled GL 99/3

9.6: Dot to finish the over

9.5: Kishan plays and misses, ball goes past the outside edge. Beautiful bowling

9.4: Raina takes a single to long on

9.3: Raina cuts down the ground to point fielder, no run

9.2: Kishan cuts past point for a single. Turn and bounce for Kuldeep Yadav

9.1: Kuldeep Yadav into the attack, Raina takes a single to long on

11: 00 PM IST | 9 overs bowled GL 96/3. Time for strategic time-out

8.6: Raina takes a single to end the over

8.5: Kishan takes a single to cover

8.4: Kishan tries to pull Woakes to leg side, misses to connect. No run

8.3: Raina takes a single to deep mid wicket

8.2: SIX! Raina pulls the ball over to fine leg for a flat maximum

8.1: Woakes continues, Raina makes room and plays inside out to deep extra cover boundary for FOUR!

10: 56 PM IST | 8 overs bowled GL 83/3

7.6: Kishan plays a dot to finish the over

7.5: Kishan plays a dot to point

7.4: Raina takes a single to deep backward point

7.3: Ishan Kishan is the new batsman, gets off the mark with a single

7.2: WICKET! Leading edge from Karthik 3(3), Gambhir completes a good catch. GL 81/3

7.1: Nile into the attack, Karthik takes a couple to mid on

10: 50 PM IST | 7 overs bowled GL 79/2

6.6: FOUR! Raina punches to leg side for a boundary to end the over

6.5: Dot ball to Raina

6.4: Dinesh Karthik is the new batsman, gets off the mark with a single to deep square leg

6.3: Raina takes a single to deep mid wicket

6.2: WICKET! McCullum 33(17) makes room and hits the ball straight to the fielder at sweeper cover. Manish Pandey judges the ball perfectly for a very good catch. GL 73/2

6.1: Chris Woakes comes into the attack, Raina takes a quick single to mid off

10: 42 PM IST | 6 overs bowled GL 72/1

5.6: Raina takes a single off the last ball

5.5: McCullum punches the ball to deep mid wicket for a single

5.4: FOUR! McCullum sweeps to backward square leg boundary

5.3: Raina takes a single to long on

5.2: Leg Byes (2 runs), off Raina’s pads 

5.1: Shakib resumes, McCullum plays to covers for a single

10: 38 PM IST | Rain stops, players are back in the middle. No overs lost in the game

10: 10 PM IST | 5 overs bowled GL 62/1. Slight drizzle disrupts the match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Gujarat Lions at Eden Gardens. Cover are on, Umpires call for a break. Gambhir is visibly not very happy as Gujarat are well ahead by 21 runs if Duckworth–Lewis method comes into play.

4.6: McCullum takes a single off the last ball

4.5: McCullum chips to deep extra cover for a couple

4.4: Raina takes a single to long off

4.3: Turn and bounce for Narine, dot ball to Raina

4.2: McCullum takes a single to short mid wicket

4.1: Narine continues. Suresh Raina is the new batsman, gets off the strike with a single to mid on

10: 05 PM IST | 4 overs bowled GL 56/1

3.6: McCullum ends the over with a FOUR!

3.5: SIX! Fast bouncer from Nile, McCullum takes the aerial route to deep mid wicket

3.4: FOUR! McCullum cuts Nile to point boundary

3.3: WICKET! Finch 31(15) departs, Nile strikes. GL 42/1

3.2: FREE HIT! Finch misses the slow bouncer from Nile

3.2: NO BALL!

3.1: Nile into the attack, McCullum takes a single to cover point

09: 59 PM IST | 3 overs bowled GL 40/0

2.6: SIX! Finch finishes the over with a maximum to long on 

2.5: Finch takes a single 

2.4: Dot ball to Finch 

2.3: FOUR! Finch guides the ball to mid on boundary

2.2: Leg Byes (1 run) McCullum rotates strike

2.1: Shakib continues, McCullum plays a dot

09: 55 PM IST | 2 overs bowled GL 25/0

1.6: FOUR! Finch goes to sweeper cover boundary

1.5: FOUR! Finch gets on one kneww, sends the ball over deep mid wicket for a boundary

1.4: Dot ball to Finch

1.3: FOUR! Finch goes over the infield to deep extra cover boundary

1.2: Finch pulls to mid wicket for a couple

1.1: Narine into the attack, Finch pushes to off side. No run

09: 51 PM IST | 1 over bowled GL 9/0

0.6: Dot to finish the over

0.5: FOUR! McCullum punches to to deep extra cover for a boundary

0.4: Dot ball to McCullum

0.3: FOUR! McCullum goes straight down the wicket for a boundary

0.2: Finch makes room takes a single to long on for a single. First runs for Finch and Kolkata

0.1: Shakib Al Hasan to start for Kolkata, starts with a dot to Finch

09: 49 PM IST | Gujarat openers Brendon McCullum and Aaron Finch are in the middle to region the chase 

09: 31 PM IST | 20 overs bowled, KKR 187/5

19.6: Shakib gets a single of the last ball

19.5: Pathan plays down straight down the wicket, Suryakumar wanted a couple, gets run out. KKR 186/5

19.4: Suryakumar is the new batsman, plays reverse sweep to point for a single

19.3: WICKET! Thampi bowls a perfect yorker to dislodge Pandey’s stumps. End of the short cameo from Manish Pandey 24(21). KKR 184/4

19.2: FOUR! Pandey takes a boundary to deep backward point

19.1: Thampi to bowl the last over, starts with a dot ball to Pandey

09: 25 PM IST | 19 overs bowled, KKR 180/3

18.6: FOUR! Pathan ends the over with a boundary  to deep mid wicket

18.5: FOUR! Pathan plays between extra cover and long off for a boundary

18.4: Yusuf Pathan is the new batsman, starts with a couple to long off

18.3: Pandey takes a single to short fine leg

18.2: WICKET! Uthappa miscues, Brendon McCullum takes a good catch at long on. Praveen Kumar gets the dangerous Robin Uthappa 72 (48). KKR 169/3

18.1: Praveen Kumar back into the attack, Pandey plays to mid on for a single

09: 19 PM IST | 18 overs bowled, KKR 168/2

17.6: Uthappa gets a single to end the over

17.5: Pandey fails to put the juicy full toss away. Will get a single nevertheless

17.4: Uthappa plays to square leg for a single. Good yorker from Thampi

17.3: Uthappa plays a dot. Full-length delivery, Thampi shouts for LBW, umpire says Not out

17.2: SIX! Low full toss, Uthappa sends the ball over mid wicket for a maximum

17.1: Thampi back in the attack, Uthappa plays inside out between extra cover and long off boundary for a FOUR

09: 14 PM IST | 17 overs bowled, KKR 154/2

16.6: Pandey swings and misses. dot to end the over

16.5: Uthappa plays for a single. Good change of pace for Faulkner

16.4: Pandey makes room and hits the ball to square of the wicket for a single

16.3: Uthappa hits to long off for a single

16.2: Uthappa scoops over wicketkeeper’s head for a couple. 150 up for Kolkata

16.1: Faulkner back into the attack, starts with a dot ball to Uthappa

09: 07 PM IST | 16 overs bowled, KKR 147/2

15.6: Pandey takes a single off the last ball

15.5: Uthappa plays to long off for a single

15.4: Slow full toss by Thampi, Uthappa fails to judge. No run

15.3: Full and drifting to the pads of Uthappa, he guides to fine leg boundary for a FOUR

15.2: Pandey gets a perfect yorker, gets inside edge for a single to fine leg

15.1: Thampi back into the attack, Pandey pushes to short mid off fielder. No run

09: 02 PM IST | 15 overs bowled, KKR 141/2

14.6: Dot to finish the over

14.5: FOUR! Uthappa plays glance to fine leg boundary. FIFTY for Uthappa

14.4: FOUR! Uthappa uses the pace to delicately send the ball to third-man boundary

14.3: Pandey takes a single to long on

14.2: Another dot ball to Pandey

14.1: JADEJA into his last over, starts with a dot ball to Pandey

08: 59 PM IST | 14 overs bowled, KKR 132/2

13.6: Pandey takes a single to cover

13.5: Leg byes (1 run), Uthappa rotates the strike

13.4: Pandey gets on toes to push ball towards the point. will take a single

13.3: FOUR! Pandey flicks to backward square leg for a boundary. Nothing wrong with the delivery, Pandey timed it so well

13.2: Uthappa takes a single to mid-wicket

13.1: Faulkner continues, Uthappa takes a couple to leg side

08: 53 PM IST | 13 overs bowled, KKR 122/2

12.6: Uthappa takes a single to point. Retains strike

12.5: Pandey takes single to backward square leg

12.4: Uthappa plays to mid on for a single

12.3: Uthappa plays a dot

12.2: Pandey gets a single to off side

12.1: Jadeja back into the attack, Manish Pandey gets off the mark with a couple to third man

08: 51 PM IST | 12 overs bowled, KKR 116/2

11.6: Uthappa takes a single to mid wicket

11.5: Another dot ball to Uthappa

11.4: Dot ball

11.3: WICKET! Gambhir tries to pull Faulkner, cannot control the pull shot and sends the ball in the air for a very long time. Suresh Raina takes a good catch, Gambhir 33(28) departs. KKR 117/2

11.2: Uthappa takes a quick single to point

11.1: FOUR! Uthappa guides the ball to third man boundary. Faulkner gets a welcome from Uthappa

08: 46 PM IST | 11 overs bowled, KKR 109/1

10.6: Gambhir plays a dot to end the over

10.5: Uthappa drives to mid on for a single

10.4: FOUR! Uthappa plays between short third man and point for a beautiful boundary

10.3: Gambhir pushes to point for a single

10.2: Uthappa takes a single to mid on

10.1: SIX! Short ball from Kulkarni, Uthappa launches to deep mid wicket for a maximum

08: 41 PM IST | 10 overs bowled, KKR 96/1

9.6: Uthappa takes a single off the last ball

9.5: Gambhir steers the ball to third man for a single 

9.4: Uthappa takes a single to deep mid wicket

9.3: Gambhir chips to long off for a single

9.2: FOUR! overthrows 

9.1: Dwayne Smith back into the attack, starts with a dot to Gambhir

08: 35 PM IST | 9 overs bowled, KKR 88/1

8.6: Gambhir takes a single off the last ball

8.5: Uthappa takes a quick single to short mid wicket

8.4: Gambhir takes a single to backward point

8.3: SIX! Flat and into the arc, Gambhir send over deep mid wicket for a maximum

8.2: Leg byes (1 run), Uthappa rotates the strike

8.1: Jadeja continues, Gambhir plays over the top to long off. Will take a single

08: 32 PM IST | 8 overs bowled, KKR 77/1

7.6: Uthappa plays and misses. Dot to end the over

7.5: Gambhir drives to sweeper cover for a single

7.5: WIDE!

7.4: Uthappa takes a quick single to point

7.3: Gambhir flicks to short fine leg for a single

7.2: Uthappa rotates the strike, plays to short third man

7.1: Dwane Smith into the attack, starts with a single to Gambhir to backward point

08: 28 PM IST | 7 overs bowled, KKR 71/1

6.6: Gambhir gets a single off the last ball

6.5: Uthappa takes a single to mid on

6.4: Gambhir takes a single to deep mid wicket

6.3: Uthappa returns the favour

6.2: Gambhir pushes to long off for a single

6.1: Jadeja into the attack, Uthappa takes a single to backward point

08: 26 PM IST | 6 overs bowled, KKR 65/1

5.6: Single of the last ball to Uthappa to deep mid wicket

5.5: Uthappa plays a dot

5.4: FOUR! Uthappa drags the slow ball from Raina to deep mid wicket boundary

5.3: Gambhir flicks to point for a quick single

5.2: Uthappa takes a single to long on

5.1: Raina continues, Gambhir takes a single to mid-wicket

08: 23 PM IST | 5 overs bowled, KKR 57/1

4.6: Gambhir takes a single off the last ball

4.5: Gambir drives down the ground, straight to short cover fielder. No run

4.4: FOUR! Kulkarni offers width to Gambhir, he says thank you with a boundary to off side 

4.3: Into the pads of Uthappa, he flicks to deep mid wicket for a single

4.2: Uthappa pushes to min on, no run

4.1: Kulkarni into the attack, Uthappa gets an easy short ball. he steers it to mid wicket boundary

08: 18 PM IST | 4 overs bowled, KKR 47/1

3.6: Robin Uthappa is the new batsman, starts with a single to backward square leg

3.5: Gambhir takes a single to backfoot point, Jadeja saves a certain boundary

3.4: Dot ball to Gambhir 

3.3: Dot ball to Gambhir

3.2: WICKET! Narine 42(17) departs, Faulkner completes the catch at mid on. Raina gets the breakthrough for Gujarat

3.1: EMERGENCY! Suresh Raina into the attack, Gambhir plays to deep mid-wicket for a single. Narine back into strike

08: 13 PM IST | 3 overs bowled, KKR 44/0. Narine is toying with Gujarat bowlers

2.6: Dot ball to end the over

2.5: SIX! Narine again shuffles to leg side to make room, full delivery from Thampi is sent over long off for a maximum

2.4: FOUR! Full length by Thampi, Narine plays over point for a boundary

2.3: FOUR! Narine anticipates the short bouncer, makes room to smack to mid wicket boundary

2.2: Short ball from Thampi, Narine tries to cut, misses making the connection with bat. Dot ball

2.1: Thampi into the attack, Gambhir takes a single to leg side

08: 09 PM IST | 2 overs bowled, KKR 29/0. Narine on fire

1.6: FOUR! Narine finds another boundary

1.5: FOUR! Short and wide from ball from Faulkner, Narine plays over the top to long off boundary

1.4: FOUR! Narine flashes his bat, ball takes an outside edge to third man boundary

1.3: Dot ball to Narine

1.2: FOUR! Narine drives the ball on the half volley to extra cover boundary

1.1: Faulkner into the attack, Gambhir takes a single to deep backward point. he is off the mark

08: 04 PM IST | 1 over bowled, KKR 12/0

0.6: FOUR! Narine fings boundary between midwicket and long on. Third boundary of the over

0.5: FOUR! Narine makes room and pulls the ball over bowlers head for a straight boundary

0.4: Narine swings and misses. Another dot

0.3: Good recover, outswinger from P Kumar. Dot ball

0.2: FOUR! Narine flicks the swinging delivery from P Kumar to square leg. First runs for Narine and Kolkata

0.1: Praveen Kumar to start the bowling attack for Gujarat. Narine plays a dot ball to short mid off

08: 00 PM IST | Match Begins! Michael Clarke rings the bell. Both the Kolkata openers Gautam Gambhir and Sunil Narine are out in the middle to strat the proceedings for the Knight Riders.

 07: 40 PM IST | Here is the playing XI for Kolkata and Gujarat

Team Gujarat Lions: Suresh Raina (c), Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Aaron Finch, Dinesh Karthik (w), Ishan Kishan, Ravindra Jadeja, James Faulkner, Praveen Kumar, Basil Thampi, Dhawal Kulkarni

Team Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Robin Uthappa (w), Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, Suryakumar Yadav, Shakib Al Hasan, Chris Woakes, Sunil Narine, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Kuldeep Yadav, Umesh Yadav

07: 30 PM IST | TOSS TIME! Gujarat Lions captain Suresh Raina has won the toss and elected to bowl first at Eden Gardens. Kolkata Knight riders will have to set the target.

07: 25 PM IST | With their back against the wall, this might just be the game that Gujarat Lions need to get back in the race. They have already defeated Knight Riders twice last year at the same venue. It’s high time they find they start roaring again.

Gambhir is one of the most competitive cricketers to have played the game, his simple advice to the KKR unit will be to not let go off the opponents in any way. He knows way better than anyone the Kolkata squad that it takes just a game to begin the slide.



07: 18 PM IST | Ahead of the match, have a look at the stats between Kolkata Knights and Gujarat Lions


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07: 15 PM IST | Kolkata Knight Riders come into the game with three back-to-back — defeated Delhi Daredevils, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kings XI Punjab — convincing victories.

Playing their second home game of the season, Kolkata’s good run so far is accounted to an all round team performance led from the front by skipper Gautam Gambhir.

Manish Pandey has been in a phenomenal form — 221 runs in 5 matches — in this IPL. Pandey has been very temperamental and played as per a plan to ensure good finishes for the Knights Riders.



07: 10 PM IST | A lot has changed and the two teams are pole apart in the way things have turned around for them — KKR is sitting comfortably at the second spot in the points table winning four out of 5 games played so far; Gujarat has just one win and are at the bottom among the eight teams playing for the IPL trophy.

07: 00 PM IST | Hello and a very warm welcome to the 23rd match of IPL 2017 being played at Eden Gardens Stadium between Kolkata Knight Riders and Gujarat Lions.

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