Barcelona veteran Xavi Hernandez gave leverage to his former Barcelona teammate on the never ending and evergreen ‘Messi or Ronaldo’ debate when he admired the ‘spectacular’ Cristiano Ronaldo only to end up mentioning Lionel Messi’s individual brilliance as the only problem for Real Madrid star man.

In world football, Messi-Ronaldo have always been the talk of the town and are always mentioned whenever greatest players of all time is the topic of discussion.

Xavi, who once shared his locker room with the magician that goes by the name Messi at the Catalan club, said Ronaldo is one of the best but not the best as he feels the Portuguese captain is still behind the Argentine.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is a born scorer, a spectacular footballer,” he told A Bola TV.

“The problem is that there is Messi, who for me is the best player in history.

“That is the only problem that Cristiano Ronaldo has, but he is a player who scores and continues to mark an era.”