Olympic Bronze Medalist and World No 3 Marwa Amri and World No. 7 Odunayo Adekuoroye bagged gold at the recently concluded African Championship (Morocco, 26 – 30 April).

Amri, three-time Olympian picked up three falls and a technical fall on her way to the title at 60kg whereas Golden Grand Prix Gold medalist Odunayo used two technical falls and a fall en route to the gold medal at 55kg. This is the ninth gold medal for Marwa Amri at African Championships where she defeated Edwige Ngono Eyia by Fall, 2-0. The competition that Olympian Odunayo had to face was challenged by Joseph Tiako who surrendered by technical superiority 10-0 in front of the PWL super star Odunayo.

Odunayo and Marwa Amri have previously taken the stage by storm on the mats of Pro Wrestling League, Asli Dangal – a franchise based league that saw the participation of Olympians from around the world. Odunayo wrestled for NCR Punjab Royal’s team while Marwa Amri was with the Haryana Hammer’s. Interestingly, Odunayo who was a part of the winning team, won five bouts out of six and was blocked once. On the other hand, Marwa Amri remained unbeaten in the entire league phase that took the team to the semifinals stage.

Although, the duo used to represent two different teams in the international league, off the mat both the Olympians used to train together with other top Indian wrestlers shedding the boundaries of language and distance.

Amri, who is ranked No.3 in the world, was not only the first Tunisian Olympic medalist in women’s wrestling, but also the first African Olympic medalist in women’s wrestling. Nigeria grabbed six of the eight gold medals in the women’s wrestling competition, highlighted by titles from Blessing Oborududu (63kg). Nigeria’s other gold medalists in women’s wrestling were Miesinnei Genesis (48kg), Aminat Adeniyi (58kg), Dressman Kemasuodei (69kg) and Winnie Gofit (75kg).
Genesis, an Olympian and All Africa Games champion, recorded three falls and a technical fall to win the gold medal at 48kg. Adeniyi did not surrender a point in earning two technical falls at 58 kg. Kemasuodei topped Blandine Metala Epanga (CMR) 10-4 in the gold-medal match 69kg. Gofit had four falls in four matches at 75kg.

Maroi Mezien joined Amri as a gold medalist for Tunisia, winning the title 53kg.