Rahul Tripathi (93) played a blistering innings to guide Rising Pune Supergiant to a four-wicket win over hosts Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden Gardens on Wednesday. 

Earlier, Pune captain Steve Smith won the toss and elected to bowl first, a decision which turned out to be right as their superb bowling effort restricted Kolkata Knight Riders to a modest total of 155 runs.

Chasing the target, Pune got off to a shaky start and lost their top order batsmen early before Tripathi took the charge and single-handedly sailed his team towards the triumph. 

As it happened: 

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VICTORY! Christian wraps it up in style with a SIX! Rising Pune Supergiant beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 4 wickets. 

End of over 19: RPS 151/6 Need five runs off the last over to win the match. 

OUT! Tripathi is dismissed for 93, but what a brilliant innings  from the young man. 

RA Tripathi c sub (R Powell) b Woakes 93 (52b 9×4 7×6) SR: 178.84

End of over 18: RPS 148/5 Good over from Yadav, just 2 off it. Tripathi and Pune’s wait continues!

End of over 17: RPS 146/5 Pune need 10 to win, Tripathi need 9 to complete his ton, Interesting equation! Can he do it? 

OUT! Kuldeep Yadav dismisses Dhoni for 5 runs. His bad form must be a great concern for Pune. 

MS Dhoni c †Jackson b Kuldeep Yadav 5 (9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 55.55

End of over 16: RPS 139/4 Need 17 off 24 balls, Knight Riders’ hopes diminishing here. 

End of over 15: RPS 134/4 Good over from KKR’s point of view, just three runs off it. 

End of over 14: RPS 131/4 Pune need 25 runs to win off 36 balls. Should be easy-peasy! 

OUT! Ben Stokes is OUT! Narine gets the wicket. 

BA Stokes c & b Narine 14 (15b 1×4 0x6) SR: 93.33

End of over 13: RPS 130/3 Tripathi is on fire! Three massive sixes from the over, he is just running away with it! 

End of over 12: RPS 110/3 Stokes and Tripahi in the middle, they need 46 runs off 48 balls. 

End of over 11: RPS 101/3 Just 5  off the over. 

End of over 10: RPS 96/3 Need 60 runs off 60 balls. Comfortable equation there if their wickets remain intact. 

End of over 9: RPS 89/3 Just one run, and one wicket for Woakes. How good is he! 

OUT! Woakes sends Tiwary back! He is bowling very well today, second wicket of the day for him.

MK Tiwary b Woakes 8 (9b 1×4 0x6) SR: 88.88

End of over 8: RPS 88/2 Pune need 68 more to win from remaining 12 overs. Knight Riders need more wickets. 

End of over 7: RPS 77/2 Good over this for KKR! Woakes only gave 3 runs off it. 

End of over 6: RPS 74/2 That also marks the end of powerplay. Tripathi made full use of it, let’s see how KKR manage his crazy hitting. 

End of over 5: RPS 59/2 Need 97 more to win! 

WICKET! Smith is out! 

SPD Smith b Woakes 9 (9b 0x4 1×6) SR: 100.00

End of over 4: RPS 47/1 Another good over for Pune! KKR need wickets, or match will be over before they know it. 

End of over 3: RPS 30/1 That’s a big, big over for Pune Supergiant. Tripathi is looking in good touch, smashing it all over the park. 

End of over 2: RPS 11/1 Captain Steve Smith walks in after fall of Rahane’s wicket 

WICKET! Pune lose Rahane. KKR off to a good start. 

AM Rahane c †Jackson b UT Yadav 11 (9b 2×4 0x6) SR: 122.22

21: 58 IST End of over 1: RPS 7/0 Rahane and Tripathi in the middle for RPS. 

21:55 IST: Welcome back! All set for the chase, are we? 

End of over 20: KKR 155/8 Kolkata finish off at 155 runs. A respectable score even after regular fall of wickets. Let’s see how they defend the total. See you after the innings break! 

End of over 19: KKR 151/8 Some crazy hitting from Yadav takes KKR beyond the 150-run mark. They could have asked for more! 

End of over 18: KKR 130/8  Yadav and Coulter-Nile on the crease. Last 2 overs coming up, RPS would like to restrict the total to 150, or less. 

WICKET! Chris Woakes is run out!

CR Woakes run out 1 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

End of over 17: KKR 120/6 Another superb over from Unadkat, Just one run and wicket of dangerous looking Grandhomme. 

WICKET! Grandhomme is out. Unfortunate for KKR, he was looking in good touch. 

C de Grandhomme c Washington Sundar b Unadkat 36 (19b 3×4 2×6) SR: 189.47

End of over 16: KKR 119/5 Last 24 balls remaining, can KKR get to 150-run mark? We gotta see! 

End of over 15: KKR 110/5 Half of Kolkata’s side is back in the pavilion. Suryakumar Yadav is the new man in.

OUT! Manish Pandey departs! Last thing KKR needed here. 

MK Pandey c Rahane b Christian 37 (32b 4×4 1×6) SR: 115.62

End of over 14: KKR 103/4 Stokes continues with the ball, gives 8 runs off the over.

End of over 13: KKR 95/4 Just six off the over, Christian trying to put a brake on runs here. 

End of over 12: KKR 89/4 Another good over for KKR! Grandhomme takes inspiration from Pandey and smashes 2 MAXIMUMS. Much-needed runs these. 

End of over 11: KKR 74/4 Big big over for KKR, three lovely boundaries off it. Pandey has finally made his intentions clear. 

End of over 10: KKR 59/4 Knight Riders’ nightmare continues. They are unable to score runs and are losing wickets at regular intervals. Half of the innings is already over! 

WICKET! Pathan departs for 4; Imran Tahir with the wicket. 

YK Pathan lbw b Imran Tahir 4 (9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 44.44

End of over 9: KKR 55/3 Another 3 runs off the over. Pressure building up on KKR to score runs here. 

End of over 8: KKR 52/3 Imran Tahir on the attack, gets struck by Pandey for a SIX! Eight off the over. Fifty comes up for KKR! 

End of over 7: KKR 44/3 Just 3 runs off the over. This is excellent stuff from RPS. 

End of over 6: KKR 41/3 That also marks the end of powerplay overs. Manish Pandey and Yusuf Pathan in the middle for KKR, they will have to steady the innings from here. 

OUT! There goes another one! Sundar sends Gambhir packing, KKR heading towards trouble. 

G Gambhir c Rahane b Washington Sundar 24 (19b 3×4 1×6) SR: 126.31

End of over 5: KKR 27/2 Not the best start for KKR here, they seem to be missing Uthappa who was ruled out of the match earlier in the day. One more over to go in the power play. 

End of over 4: KKR 19/2 Another brilliant over for RPS! Only five runs and one more wicket. 

WICKET! Jackson is OUT! 

SP Jackson hit wicket b Washington Sundar 10 (9b 2×4 0x6) SR: 111.11

End of over 3: KKR 14/1 Six runs off the over for KKR, Unadkat continues to impress. 

End of over 2: KKR 8/1 Stokes begins the attack from the other end. KKR finally get off to the mark with the help of 4 leg byes. Jackson is the new man in for KKR. 

End of over 1: KKR 0/1 Unadkat starts with 5 dot balls and picks up the big wicket of Narine on the last delivery. Dream start for RPS! 

WICKET! Unadkat gets the wicket of Narine off the last ball of the over. What a start! 

SP Narine c & b Unadkat 0 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

20:01 IST: Gambhir and Narine to open for KKR. Jaydev Unadkat with the new ball. 

20: 00 IST Okay then! Action is about to begin. Both the umpires walk in along with the players. Let’s play! 

19:48 IST: Take a look at playing XI of both the teams ahead of the  high-voltage clash. 

19:32 IST: Rising Pune Supergiant have decided to field after winning the toss, 

19: 30 IST: Good evening and welcome to our live coverage of match between KKR and RPS. Toss to take place shortly!