Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, who shares a bitter history with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, said after Sunday’s match that he was happy for Arsenal who secured 2-0 win over Manchester United.

At Emirates Stadium, Arsenal were the favoured ones. And with the help of Granit Xhaka and Danny Welbeck, Arsenal drew a comfortable lead in the second half.

In the post-match interview, Mourinho aimed a subtle attack at Arsene Wenger and said that he was happy that Gunners fans could finally go home with a smile on their face. “The Arsenal fans are happy and I’m happy for them. It’s the first time I leave Highbury or the Emirates Stadium and they’re happy,” he said.

Taking it further, Mourinho didn’t relent on his jibe. “I left Highbury, they were crying, I left Emirates Stadium, they were crying. They were walking in the streets with their heads low. So finally today they sing, they wave their scarves. It’s nice for them. It’s a big club. You think I enjoy that a big club like Arsenal is not winning big trophies? I’m not enjoying that, honestly. Today I tried to win. We lost.”

Both the managers briefly shook hands after the completion of the match.