Cristiano Ronaldo is a tricky player to begin with. Any player who knows him knows that the Portuguese striker isn’t one to be intimidated by anyone. But did that really happen in the Champions League match between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid?

Atletico Madrid set the heart racing at Calderon when they scored two goals within ten minutes. For Real Madrid who was looking to play defensively the entire game, these two goals were a big blow. Ronaldo, allegedly in a bid to tick off striker Fernando Torres’s form in the match, remarked something at the player.

Torres, who is usually calm by nature, reacted strongly towards Ronaldo’s jibe. As the cameras rotated around the players, here’s what Torres told Ronaldo: “Son of the b****.”

After Isco scored the crucial goal for Madrid, Ronaldo apparently said something to Torres to tick him off which, with the obvious goal difference, did piss off Torres.

Real Madrid will now face Juventus in the final.