Chasing a big total of 231 set by Punjab, Simmons and Parthiv Patel gave Mumbai Indians a good start with almost a 100 run partnership for the first wicket. Though wickets were falling at regular intervals, Mumbai remained in the game till the last over. 

Ridding on Simmons, Pollard and Pandya, at one moment, Mumbai had the game in its hand but it just couldn’t able to make it in the last over. 

There were a couple of good overs where Simmons and Pollard smashed consecutive big hits and kept the pressure on Kings. But it was that crucial over by MM Sharma who kept Punjab’s hopes alive to stay alive in the tournament. 

Earlier, batting first, Punjab gave Mumbai Indian a target of  231 runs after a superb inning by Saha and Maxwell. Saha who was named ‘Man of the Match’ remained not out and scored 93 off just 55 while Maxwell gave  a contribution of 47 off 21. Saha remained from the beginning til the end. It was one of the finest performance by Kings batting line-up today. 

Even after making 231, it was a nail biting game till the last over when Kings XI Punjab had almost held their nerves. The decider over was bowled by MM Sharma in which Pollard hit a six and for a moment Punjab fans though they have lost the game but a great come back by Sharma will 3 dot balls saved the game for the visitors. 

                                     Ball-by-ball highlight of match between Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians

Kings XI Punjab beats Mumbai Indians by 7 runs

19.6: Final ball of the inning, Pollard on strike and its just a single. A great inning from Pollard with many big hits did not help Mumbai Indians to steal the game. 

19.5: Pollard facing MM Sharma, and he’s beaten again, dot ball! It’s almost done, Punjab suddenly pumped up. 

19.4: MM Sharma to Pollard and another dot ball, can Mumbai really make it today. 

19.3: A dot ball, momentum with Punjab here, but Mumbai still can make it. 

19.2:  Pollard on strike and he goes for a big one and its a SIX! Mumbai still in the game.

19.1: MM Sharma to Pollard, just a single on the little one on the off stump.

Final over of the game

After 19 overs, MI: 215/6

18.6: Harbhajan on strike but couldn’t make it, beaten, No run conceded.  

18.5: Pollard facing Sharma and he drives it for a single.

18.5: Wide! Punjab cannot take this at the moment. 

18.4: Sharma to Pollard, and he again goes for double and gets it. 

18.3: Pollard on strike and easily gets a double.  

18.2: Harbhajan flicks it away from a single to give strike to pollard.

18.1: Sandeep Sharma to Harbhajan Singh in the crucial over and its a dot ball. 

After 18 overs, MI: 208/6

17.6: Harbhajan Singh on strike and goes for a single. 

17.5: Dismissed, a fantastic inning has come end. KV Sharma goes for 19.

17.4: Four more! Just what Mumbai wants at the now.  

17.3: Boundary again, KV Sharma is doing the best he can at the moment.

17.2: MM Sharma to KV Sharma and maximum runs, another smashing hit

17.1: MM Sharma to Pollard and he flicks it away for a single. 

After 17 overs, MI: 192/5

16.6: Four! Boundary on that last delivery by KV Sharma 

16.5: Sandeep Sharma to Pollard and its a single this time. 

16.4: SIX!  Pollard is all what Mumbai wants at the moment. 

16.3: Four! Pollards hits away to the boundary. 

16.2: Sandeep Sharma to KV Sharma and he settles for a single

16.1: Out! Pandya caught by Saha and again a comeback for Punjab in the game.

16.1: Sandeep Sharma to Pandya, and he again starts from a wide. Free runs for Mumbai. 

After 16 overs, MI: 175/4

15.6: Single on that last delivery  

15.5: SIX more, what an over for Mumbai Palta. This could be a game changing over.

15.4: Another SIX! Great over for Mumbai Indians, really needs this at the moment. 

15.3: Henry to Pollard and he settles for a single this time.

15.2: Another big hit, maximum runs for Mumbai. Pollard doing the job for men in blue here.

15.1: Six! Pollard smashes it away for another maximum.

15.1: Henry to Pollard and its free runs for Mumbai, as its a wide ball. 

After 15 overs, MI: 148/4

14.6: Big hit, SIX! Pollard smashed it away for the maximum.

14.5: Another single by Pollard, gives strike to Pollard.  

14.4: Single by Pandya on that full length aimed at off stump.

14.3: A dot ball, Pandya was beaten on that one.

 14.2: Patel to Pandya and he settles for 2 this time. 

14.1: Patel to Pollard just a single. No more room on that mid length delivery. 

After 14 overs, MI: 137/4

13.6: Tewatia to Pollard but this time he settles for a single. 

13.5: Pollard goes for another hit, SIX! Eases of some pressure after two big dismissals.

13.4: Tewatia to Pandya and he settles for a single.

13.3: A dot ball. No run on delivery outside off stump.

13.2: Maximum runs! Great hit straight away for SIX! Mumbai don’t want to show they are out of the game yet. 

13.1: Tewatia to Pandya and a single to start the over. 

After 13 overs, 137/4

12.6: Pandya on strike and he gets off the mark with a single.
12.5: Pollard on strike and just a single.
12.4: Out! Patel dismisses Rana, goes for 12. 
12.3: Another dot ball, Rana just couldn’t make enough room.
12.2: Patel to Rana and a dot ball here. 
12.1: Patel to Pollard and he drives it for a single. 
After 12 overs, MI: 120/3
11.6:  Pollard on strike again and he flicks it away for a single.  

11.5: Pollard on strike and its a dot ball.

11.4: Wicket! and its a relief for Punjab. Tewatia gives the breakthrough. Skipper goes for 5. 
11.3: Again a single by Rana on that short, wide delivery. 
11.2:  R Sharma facing Tewatia and just a single conceded.
11.1: Tewatia to RG Sharma and no run conceded.
After 11 overs, MI: 117/2

10.6: Sharma to RG Sharma, he wanted to go for a big one but settles for 3

10.5: I Sharma to RG Sharma and its a dot ball. 

10.4: No luck and use of opportunity by Mumbai Indians here on that ‘Free Hit’

10.4: No ball and a free hit! 

10.3: I Sharma to Rana and a dot ball. That delivery could have been flicked away atleast for a single. 
10.2: FOUR! A welcome boundary  for Mumbai, that inside-edge raced away to the boundary. 
10.1: A dot ball to start the over. A full length delivery by Sharma leaves no room for Rana. 

After 10 overs, MI: 108/2


9.6: Maxwell to Rana and another single. Mumbai slowly catching up in the game. 

9.5: Maxwell to RG Sharma and just a single here. Din’t quite able to take that on midwicket.

9.4: Maxwell to RG Sharma and a dot ball here. No show of a hurry by Sharma.

9.3: Caught! What a catch, there was a slight review to check whether it was a no ball, but good news for Punjab. Simmons the danger man goes for 59.

9.2: Maxwell to Rana and another single. Couldn’t really able to take that one on long-on.

9.1: Maxwell to Simmons and just a single.

After 9 overs, MI: 104/1

8.6: Now Rana goes for his first boundary, FOUR runs. 

8.5: Just a single by Simmons on that good length delivery. 

8.4: Wicket! Not this time succeeded to make it to the boundary, Patel goes for 38.

8.3: Four again, Patel is on fire now! 

8.2: FOUR! Another hit by Patel to ease of some pressure.

8.1: Boundary, Patel easily flicks that away for four.

After 8 overs, MI: 87/0

7.6: Single by Patel, keeps the strike.

7.5: Patel facing Maxwelll and he drives it away for a double.

7.4: Maxwell to Simmons, and 1 leg byes. 

7.3: Single on that full length aimed at middle stump. 

7.2: Again, another dot ball. No room left for Patel to escape that ball. 

7.1:  Maxwell to Patel, no run. Nice way to start to the over. 

After 7 overs, MI: 82/0

6.6: Another big hit, massive SIX! Patel on fire now. 

6.5: SIX! Maximum runs for Mumbai Indians. Patel on it this time. 

6.4: And a dot ball, Patel flicks it on the on side but no run. 

6.3: Just a single on that good length delivery. 

6.2: In the air and dropped, another life for Simmons. Poor fielding by Punjab. Just making runs won’t help them to steal the game.  

6.1: Patel to Simmons and a dot ball here. 

After 6 overs, MI: 68/0

5.6: Simmons faces Sharma again and flicks it away for a single.  

5.5: And a dot ball, Simmons settles down after two huge six. 

5.4: SIX again, Simmons smashes it for maximum runs again.

5.3: Simmons pulls it away for another boundary but settles for a double. 

5.2: Sharma to Simmons and he goes for a maximum this time, SIX!

5.1: Sharma to Patel and just a single.

After 5 overs, MI: 52/0

4.6: Boundary again, good over for Mumbai Indians. Simmons just flicked that middle stump delivery to the boundary.

4.5: Single by Patel, passes of the strike to Simmons.

4.4: Another boundary in the over. Needed runs for Mumbai. 

4.3: Simmons on strike and just a single. 

4.2: Smashed away down to boundary. Patel hits it for a boundary.

4.1: I Sharma on the attack, Patel on strike and its 1 leg bye

After 4th over, MI: 37/0

3.6: Boundary! Good way to end the over, balances the pressure here Simmons.

3.5: Another dot ball, just no giving enough room to Simmons to even go for  a single.

3.4: And a dot ball, good over by Sandeep Sharma. Just the thing Punjab needs here.

3.3: Single on that another full length delivery. 

3.2: Sandeep Sharma to Patel and a dot ball. It was a full length delivery aimed at middle stump. 

3.1: More free runs for Mumbai, Wide delivery by Sandeep Sharma. 

After 3rd over, MI: 29/0

2.6: And a dot ball now, Simmons wants to settle after that boundary. 

2.5: FOUR! Simmons goes a boundary, a required one for Mumbai. 

2.4: Sharma to Simmons, and a dot ball again. Good over so far by Ishant Sharma.

2.3: A swipe on the leg side, Simmons manages  two runs. 

2.2: Dot ball again, nice start to the over after the one with two boundaries. 

2.1: Ishant sharma to Simmons, and no run conceded. Good start. 

After 2nd over, MI: 23/0

1.6: And a dot ball, no taking risks after those two boundaries.

1.5: FOUR! again, Patel doing the required job for Mumbai. 231 is really a big total. 

1.4:  Four more! Welcome runs for Mumbai, needed if they want to chase 231.

1.3: Boundary! Patel easily hits away for a four.

1.2: A dot ball. No run conceded on that full length delivery. 

1.1: Henry to Simmons and just a single.

After 1st over, MI: 10/0

0.6: Aimed at the mid-wicket, Patel flicks it away for another 2 runs.

0.5: Patel on strike and a dot ball. 

0.4: Just a single on that full length delivery. 

0.3: Simmons pulls it away for double, Sharma not quit setting in here.  

0.2: Sandeep Sharma to Simmons and a dot ball. Good comeback. 

0.2: Sharma on attack and a wide ball. Free runs for Mumbai. 

0.1: Boundary! Simmons starts off in style, opens up the innings with a boundary. 

Mumbai comes to bat

Riding on Saha 93 (not out) and Maxwell’s 47, Punjab has set a big score for Mumbai to turn the game in their favour. Now its all upto Kings bowlers to play down Mumbai paltan’s batting order. Not for a single over, the run rate dropped below 10 runs per over.

With only 3 dismissals and three good partnerships, Punjab managed to put up a good fighting total.    

19.6: SIX! What a way to end the innings, great batting, Punjab finishes of in style. KXIP 230/3  

19.5: Single by Saha, passes of strike to Patel for the last ball of the inning.

19.4: Good comeback, no run, crucial in the last over of Punjab’s inning. 

19.4: Pandya to Saha and a wide ball here, poor bowling by Mumbai today

19.3: Pandya to Patel, just s single on that bouncer at middle stump.

19.2: Single on that yorker targeted at the middle stump.

19.1: A SIX to start the last over, wow! Saha at its best today

After 19 overs, KXIP: 214/3

18.6: And a dot ball, nice way to end the over. 

18.5: McClenaghan to Saha and he pulls away for a single.

18.4: Another single, Saha passes of strike to Patel

18.3: McClenaghan to Patel and he settles for a single on that delivery aimed at leg stump.

18.2: Dropped! Poor fielding show here by Mumbai, a wicket here could have helped them to break Punjab’s flow here.  

18.1: McClenaghan to Saha, just one run on that good yorker.

After 18 overs, KXIP: 207/3

17.6: Another yorker by Malinga, Saha flicks it away on the on-side, takes two. 

17.5: Saha on strike and he pulls away for a double. 

17.4: A low full toss again, Patel goes for a single.

17.3: Yorker again but good shot by Patel, settle for a double.

17.2: A low full toss by Malinga and no run conceded. 

17.1: Malinga on attack, and its two runs. Easy drive for Patel. 

After 17 overs, KXIP: 198/3

16.6: A yorker at the middle stump, no run.

16.5: And a boundary by Saha, good cricket by Punjab’s Kings today.  

16.4: Another single on that offcutter, good running between the wickets.  

16.3: Another good length delivery, just a single on it.  

16.2: Patel on strike and goes for a single. 

16.1: Chucked away on the onside, just a single on that good length delivery. 

After 16 overs, KXIP: 190/3

15.6: Saha on strike and goes for a single, no risks after that effortless boundary. 

15.5: FOUR! Saha hits it down to the boundary.

15.4: Aimed at middle stump, AR Patel goes for a single. 

15.3: Marsh goes for a big one and he’s out, WICKET! Didn’t really get that one on the bat. But a nice innings from him. 

15.2: McClenaghan to Marsh, 1 wide.  Bowlers not really doing the job here for Mumbai today. 

15.2: ‘Free Hit’ Marsh wants a boundary but settle for a double. 

15.1: McClenaghan to Marsh, a no ball and a SIX and a free hit too. Mumbai Indians not looking good here. 

After 15 overs, KXIP 173/2

14.6: Just a single on that delivery targeted on middle stump.

14.5: Again a yorker but Saha takes a comfortable single here.

14.4: Another yorker at the middle stump, Marsh flicks it away for a single.

14.3: Just a single targeted at the leg stump. 

14.2: Saha on strike and its a SIX! Filling it up here for Maxwell, more welcome runs for Punjab.

14.1: A yorker at the off stump, Marsh goes for a single. 

After 14 over, KXIP 161/2

13.6: Harbhajan to Marsh, and just a single.  

13.5: And this time its Marsh going for a big one, SIX! A maximum there for Punjab again. 

13.4: And a single here, Saha passes of the strike to Marsh. 

13.3: A good length outside offstump, Saha goes for a boundary. Welcome runs for Punjab. 

13.2: Harbhajan to Marsh, just a single. A wide delivery on long-on. 

 13.1: Harbhajan to Saha and he flicks it away for a single. 

After 13 overs, KXIP 147/2

12.6: And a dot ball, aimed at the leg stump, no room for Marsh. 

12.5: Another single, Sensible cricket from both Saha and Marsh here. No hurry for boundaries. 

12.4: Another good one at the middle stump, just a single.

12.3: A nice one targeted at the leg stump, Marsh goes for a double. 

12.2: A good one at the middle stump, Saha rotates the strike. 

12.1: Marsh on strike again and goes a single.

After 12 overs, KXIP 141/2

11.6: Marsh pulls it away for a single, Punjab score board looks good at the moment. 

11.5: Just a single, Saha passes of  strike to Marsh. 

11.4: Maximum runs! Saha pulls away for a SIX!

11.3: Targeted at the off stump, Marsh goes for a single

11.2: Marsh on strike, but no run. Nice start by Harbhajan. 

11.1: A good length delivery, Saha goes for single

After 11 overs, KXIP 131/2

10.6: Bumrah to Maxwell and its  OUT. Big blow for Punjab. A wicket just when it was looking Punjab is set a big total for Mumbai. 

10.5: Boundary! Nothing is stopping Kings XI skipper today

10.4: Maxwell on strike and a dot ball. Good over so far. 

10.3: 1 leg bye on that delivery outside off stump. 

10.2: Again no run. A good length delivery outside off stump.

10.1: A dot ball, Saha does not want to take any risk after Maxwell dismissal. 

After 10 overs, KXIP 126/1

9.6: Saha pulls it away towards the down side, just a single.

9.5: Tries to put a yorker to get Maxwell, but he flick it off for a single.  

9.4: Again a single, Saha passes the strike to Maxwell.

9.3: Single, an off-cutter by Malinga, Maxwell goes for a single. 

9.2: Again a dot ball, good comeback by Malinga. 

9.1: No run on that yorker. Sensible cricket from Maxwell.

9.1: Malinga starts with a wide, more pressure on Mumbai.  

Another change in the bowling, Malinga brought in to take on Maxwell.  

After 9th over, KXIP 121/1

8.6: Easy going by Maxwell, goes for single. 

8.5: SIX! Maxwell goes for maximum runs again. 

8.4: Single, Saha passes strike to Maxwell as he is doing the damage at the moment.

8.3: Maxwell eases it down, goes for a single.

8.2: Again, more maximum runs. Another six by Maxwell, just the thing that Punjab wanted today. 

8.1: But no stopping of the runs, another SIX! Maxwell making it easy for Punjab here. 

Change in bowling, Harbhajan Singh comes in 

After 8th over, KXIP: 100/1

7.6: Just a single, Maxwell to retain strike.

7.5: And Maxwell goes again! SIX runs more, Good going here Punjab. 

7.4: Double on the ball that was on the middle stump

7.3: No run again, Maxwell is satisfied with that Six, no risks needed. 

7.2: A dot ball, no run consumed on a ball that was wide off stump

7.1: And Maxwell goes for the big one, SIX! in his style. 

Mumbai KV Sharma comes into the attack

After 7th over, KXIP 85/1

6.6: Four! Saha is almost doing this with no effort. Good start by Punjab

6.5: Maxwell for a single, pass off strike to Saha. 

6.4: And Four runs! Boundary by Maxwell. No drop in pace of runs after Guptill wicket. 

6.3: Just a single! Maxwell on strike

6.2: FOUR! Targeted at the leg stump, but Saha smashes away it to the boundary. 

6.1: McClenaghan to Saha and a dot ball. It was a good length delivery and Saha couldn’t make enough room for even a single. 

After 6th over, KXIP 71/1

5.6: Single, Maxwell plays it down towards the boundary but straight into the hands of the fielder. 

5.5: Another single, Maxwell comes on strike. 

5.4: Just a single, Saha doesn’t want the flow of runs to stop. 

Maxwell the new man in

5.3: Wicket! Guptill wanted to go for a big one but taken down at the deep. A partnership which was looking good has ended here. 

5.2: Another Four! One can say that its a good start by Kings XI. 

5.1: Boundary, Guptill doesn’t want to loose any opportunity here. Runs coming easily for Punjab. 

After 4th over, KXIP 51/0

3.6: Another dot, Enough runs in the over, no need to take any risk

3.5: And a dot ball. 

3.4: Four more!  Saha is just smashing Mumbai Indian’s bowlers here. 

Wide,  more free runs for Punjab. 

3.3: Just a single, Punjab at the moment is keeping it sensible. 

3.2: Hit! Maximum runs, First Six of the innings.  

3.1: A double there, runs coming comfortably for the visitors here.   

After 3rd over, KXIP 35/0

2.6: And a big shout, but the Umpire is not satisfied. 

2.5: No run. The Current run rate stands at 7.41, not a bad one. 

2.4: Again, Saha wants a single. Just flicked on the off side. 

2.3: Just going with the flow Saha is slowly picking up with the pace.

2.2: Nice line and length. No run here  

2.1: Just a Single, Guptill pass of the strike to Saha.  

After 2nd over, KXIP 29/0

1.6: And a dot ball. Saha does want to make any mistakes. Its good for Punjab not loose early wickets.  

1.5: Four runs! Saha at it again, he’s playing those short effortlessly  

1.4: Guptill goes for single, rotates the strike. 

1.3: Just a single. Its nice way by Punjab, rotating the strike and simultaneously hitting boundaries.  

1.2: Another boundary, its seems like Punjab has made a decent start.  

1.1: Just a single on the first of the second over. 

After 1st over, KXIP 13/0

0.6: Nice way to finish the first over with a boundary. Saha hits his first boundary of the innings. 

0.5: Again a dot ball. 

0.4: Just a single, Guptil rotates the strike. 

0.3: Another boundary! a tough catch for the man at the slip and four runs. 

0.2: Takes  it sensibly on the second one, no run. 

0.1: Four! Martin Guptill starts off in style, four runs on the first ball. 

As Kings XI Punjab takes on Mumbai Indians to make it to the playoffs, we are moments away from the live action 

There has been only one change in playing XI of Punjab. Ishant Sharma has is back in the team replacing Swapnil Singh. 

While, Mumbai Indians has said that there is no tinkering with their line-up! They will be going in with the same playing XI from the last game.

7:30 PM | Mumbai Indians have won the toss and decided to bowl first 

7:00 PM IST | Hello and welcome to our live IPL blog for Match 51 of the 2017 Vivo IPL between Mumbai Indian and Kings XI Punjab slated to be played at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. 

It’s the do & die situation for Kings Xi Punjab as they’re gonna be facing the Mumbai Indians who are currently enjoying the top position in the points table. With 12 matches played so far, the Mumbai Paltan has won 9 of them. Though the team also lost its previous match against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

For Kings XI, its the game which they have to win to make sure their place in the playoffs. The team should be high on the confidence side given their fighting come back in the previous game against Kolkata Knight Riders.

Though not many runs on the scoreboard, the Kings with their disciplined bowling and aggressive fielding did manage to beat Riders at Eden Gardens on Tuesday.

Punjab once again will be looking upto Mohit Sharma, like the previous match where he saved the game for team due his economic overs in the death overs. 

Once again Punjab will be hoping on their big hitters — Shaun Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Manan Vohra — to put up a big score if they bat first. While, on the other side, Mumbai which doesn’t have a  strong batting line up could on a backfoot. But in no way they should be underestimated as they are table toppers at the moment. 


Mumbai Indians: 1 Lendl Simmons, 2 Parthiv Patel (wk), 3 Nitish Rana, 4 Rohit Sharma (capt), 5 Kieron Pollard, 6 Hardik Pandya, 7 Harbhajan Singh, 8 Karn Sharma, 9 Mitchell McClenaghan, 10 Lasith Malinga, 11 Jasprit Bumrah   

Kings XI Punjab: 1 Martin Guptill, 2 Manan Vohra, 3 Shaun Marsh, 4 Wriddhiman Saha (wk), 5 Glenn Maxwell (capt), 6 Axar Patel, 7 Swapnil Singh/Varun Aaron, 8 Rahul Tewatia, 9 Matt Henry, 10 Mohit Sharma, 11 Sandeep Sharma