The stage is all set for the Indian Polo team to take on Pakistan in the crucial match of World Cup Polo on Friday. The Indian Polo team has remained unbeaten in the first two World Cup Polo qualifiers.

The Polo world Cup which is currently taking place in Tehran, Iran has seen Team India perform extremely well. The team which is trained by veteran Uday Kalan comprises of DhruvPal Godara, Lt Col. Ravi Rathore, Angad Kalan, Siddhant Sharma, Padmanabh Singh and Pranav Kapur.

After conquering Iran aka Hosts by 10-8 on Monday, Indian team thrashed South Africans by 6-5 claiming 2 straight victories in their name. The players seem confident as they will be taking on Pakistan in a head-to-head match which will be taking place today.

The match is expected to be a nail-biting one as Pakistan as also remained unbeaten in their first two matches against Iran and South Africa.

Finals are to be played at Sydney in October 2017.