At the age of 18, he plays professional cricket in England, speaks 6 languages and serves as a Chef in weekdays.  Shaharyar Ejaz, a Pakistani by birth but a true sports fan with over 10,000 followers on twitter, studded with enviable selfies’ with India Pakistan team from Women’s World Cup & Champions Trophy 2017.

Admirer, fanatic, crazy or a preacher, a fan can be called by any of these materialistic vocabulary present in the world but, can only be defined by the degree of his commitment to its craziness. Shaharyar Ejaz is one from millions of cricket fans, yet unique in his approach to lullaby the world with his desires to pursue his fan commitment. A legend in process, Shaharyar is a chef by profession and a sports lover by religion. Hailing from Pakistan, this 18 yrs old Pakistani plays cricket at the clubs of Derby and aims to represent Pakistan, very soon. Cooks Indian and hooks desi in the foreign aisles, Shaharyar is currently studded with 10,000 odd followers on twitter, and has successfully managed to keep all his twitter friends happy while teaming up with women’s cricket squad at the ongoing Women’s World Cup, Derby, as a fan boy.

“I wanted to catch Mithali but she went for the celebrations post their win”, added Shaharyar on his visit to meet Indian women cricket team. His pictures with almost all top shots of women cricket squad, be it Meg Lanning, Sana Mir or Mithali Raj, drop the jaws of many admirers and fills the heart with jealousy for those who wish to reach there.

While his fan story resembles the verse of a fan Quran, Shaharyar is also striving hard to maintain his cricket performance upbeat, out of his erratic schedule. He trains every day and spends his week off whole day at the cricket ground practicing the game.

From Italy to India, Shaharyar excels in six different languages that add glitter to his international profile. While Hindi, English, Punjabi and Urdu are vocals accompanying him since his birth, touch of Italian, Spanish and French makes him ‘firangi’ by tongue.

The story of this fan reads super exciting but, the background of Shaharyar’s life is no less than a film script. Understood as mentally disabled by many, Shaharyar was often taken for granted in early childhood by people around him in Pakistan. While many of them discouraged the young kid who couldn’t speak properly, his father decided to take him to Italy with him. Burning in the desire to prove this world, Shaharyar started practicing the game he hated, almost two years back. Today, he plays with few cricket clubs in Derby and dreams to represent his country, Pakistan.

His fan-zone bloomed with his love of cricket, within self. Now, Shaharyar makes sure to reach every venue where cricket is being played, that lead him to extensively follow Champions Trophy 2017 and now, Women’s World Cup. Thanking his family, twitter friends and his haters who motivated him to do better, Shaharyar promises to keep supplying the fans with the latest moves of cricket happening around with his up to date twitter profiles decorated with all cricket top shots.