Wrestling is set to take a new Iranian ‘avatar’ on the mats, as UWW has recently approved the women to wrestle in their Islamic dress code. “It’s a very good beginning for the women, especially Iranian and Islamic women. This would also motivate women to do better in the field of Wrestling, quoted Etaati Shalghoun, Iranian wrestling coach.

Set to host three side women wrestling tournament inviting foreign countries, Iran Wrestling Federation is striving hard towards promoting the sports amongst the female class. Proposed in December 2016 by the Islamic Wrestling Federation in the center of United World Wrestling Committee of Associated Styles in Istanbul, Turkey, the United World Wrestling has given its nod on women’s dress code pursuing the combat sports.

While sports has been flourishing tremendously surpassing the concept of ‘taboo’, Muslim countries are modifying the games in its own way to move ahead in the sporting realm. Iran recently hosted the National Championship in Women’s belt Wrestling and grappling, the second national championship for female wrestlers in Iran. The event hosts the female wrestlers with strict compliance to its Iranian dress code clad from head to toe, unlike singlets which are considered as the standard costume for all the players across the world. Surprisingly, female spectators also attended the competition, a rarity in Iran showcasing its continued progress by the National Olympic Committee and the wrestling federation.

Working in the same direction is the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) that has already agreed a new rule to come into force in October this year that will allow players to wear a headgear. Earlier, World Chess Championship, Tehran, also made it mandatory for women to wear hijab.

With the acceptance of dress code by UWW, Iran seems to take a step further in widening the scope of its national game that has now opened its door towards the Olympic participation as well.