As the nation waits with bated breath for the big Women’s World Cup final between India and England, NewsX spoke to Indian captain Mithali Raj’s mother, Leela Raj who spoke about Mithali’s journey and various other aspects of women’s cricket scenario in India.

Speaking about India’s road to the final, Leela Raj said, ” Indian team is doing a great job from day 1 and the entire credit for this goes to effort put in by the team.”

Raj added that it was a big achievement by Indian team to reach the finals defeating defending champions Australia.

“Last match very crucial since Australia are defending champions, so it was a big achievement to beat them,” she said.

When asked about secret to Mithali Raj’s success, Raj said,”There is no secret. Hard work, patience and passion for the game have taken Mithali so far.”

Leela Raj also talked about Mithali’s love for the sport.

“She started playing at the age of eight and half. We still don’t know what attracted her to the sport, you should ask this question to her,” she said chuckling.

Sharing her thoughts on transformation of women’s cricket, Ms Raj said,” When Mithali started playing, nobody knew much about women’s cricket but the standard of game was good.”

Talking about improvement of women’s cricket under BCCI, Raj remarked, “Earlier there were no good grounds so players suffered many injuries. Under BCCI, the things have improved quite a lot,”

When asked how Mithali is coping with the pressure of final, Raj said, “Mithali is totally focused on game. Yes, mental pressure is there but she must get used to it, accept it and fight it out.”

Ms Raj wrapped up the conversation by saying that the Indian team must put in extra effort to get their hands on the trophy.

“We want India to give 101 percent and lift the cup,” she said.