JhulanGoswami’s dexterous performance has opened the doors for India’s picturesque trophy holding frame in WWC 2017. The Greatest bowler performance restricted the English woman to a chase of 229. Though India is yet to create history at the batting stunt that has an equal chance of falling on either side, with a tough score chase in Women’s World Cup Final at Lords, today.

Current posture Vs2005 World Cup haunting defeat India has already created history in reaching the finals after 2005 surpassing the 7th spot in last World Cup standings, way beyond. But coming back to 2005 where Australia posed a challenge of 215, India, sadly coiled down to just 117 losing the prestigious title to the Kangaroos.

83 run partnership Jhulan’s high arm action and brilliant performance seems like a comeback storm that hit at the most crucial match. Her usage of wrist to release the ball reflects her experience and supported as the best weapon for her. Catching Wilson at her first ball and destroying the partnership of Sarah and Sciver who made 83 on 99, Jhulan spell bound team England with a gradual pressure. Poonam Yadav too took two wickets that paced up the confidence for Indian eves.

Fast paced wicket loss Shikha Pandey’s initial overs stumbled the team and fans with Winfield and Beumont’spartnership dotting at 47 but England’s 3 wicket loss in 30 balls struck the right pace for team India.

However, Jhulan admitted to the fact that her performance in the initial matches wasn’t going in the right direction but her encounter with Pakistan helped her to identify the star in her making her strong comeback into the picture.

Though Mandhana’s quick loss has somewhat shattered Indians hopes but not for long Mithali took over reigns to reconstruct Indian side.