Chennai has another reason to cheer as we now have a snooker team that has both of India’s top players as part of it. Captain Vijaykanth’s son, Vijaya Prabhakaran, has taken the Chennai franchise of the Indian snooker tournament that is fashioned along the lines of IPL.

Speaking exclusively to NewsX, Vijaya Prabhakaran revealed, “I was lucky enough to bag both the top men and women’s snooker players of India for my Chennai team called Chennai Strikers. Pankaj Advani and Vidya Pillai are now officially part of this team.”

He went on to add that this is a moment of pride for Chennai as we have India’s best players in various sports playing for Chennai. “In Chennai Super Kings we have MS Dhoni and for my Chennai Smashes badminton team, PV Sindhu is part of it. Now we also have Advani and Pillai playing for Chennai,” he said.

Ask Vijaya Prabhakaran how he managed to get the top players and he says, “It was pure luck. The snooker selection was not by auction but by draft and I ended up getting no 4 in the reverse draft for women and no 1 in the men’s draft which was linear. I am very happy.”

The Captain’s son loves sports and is keen to promote sports as much as possible. “Everyone loves cricket but from my school days I have played various sports. I want to do innovative things and that’s why I took the franchise for badminton and snooker. We should promote all sports,” he emphasises.

The snooker tournament will take place in Ahmedabad between August 19 and 25. 

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