Former Indian cricketer Mohammed Kaif is the latest to face the wrath of religious fanatics on Social media. The cricketer on Thursday posted a picture of himself playing chess with his son.

An absolutely normal picture of a father playing an interesting board game with his son, these trolls on social media yet again prove that social media scrutiny has taken ugly turns in context of freedom of speech.

Kaif posted the picture on Facebook, captioning it “Shatranj Ke Khilaadi #fatherson #kabirtales #instaplay”


And according to trollers, the cricketer shouldn’t have played chess as it is considered Haram or unacceptable in Islam. Soon people started teaching the cricketer difference between Islamic and Non Islamic and some absurd comments started to flow in on the picture:

 “Bhai yeh game harraaam hai” (Brother this game is a sin) wrote a person called Anwar Shaikh.

“Satranj Islam mein haram hai bhai” (chess is a sin in Islam brother) wrote another person called Rehan Ansari

It’s ridiculous to see how these religious trolls put anyone under scrutiny with illogical remarks. Kaif is not the first one to have been put under the religious scanner on social media, earlier this month it was cricketer Irfan Pathan who was brutally trolled on social media for sharing a picture of his wife, with her bare hands and nail paint visible. Pathan was termed un-Islamic for his act.