Female bodybuilding with exposing your anatomy chiseled sharp is a ‘no-no’ for Indian women. From the northern belt to the eastern one, bodybuilding as a sport has never been taken sportily when it comes to the female genre. However, hailing from a small state of Uttarakhand, 21-year-old Bhoomika Sharma is creating history with thorns embarking her way to glory.

Indian female bodybuilder Bhoomika Sharma is breaking all stereotypes with her choice of sport topped with masculine portrayal of her body with a feminine touch. Recently crowned with the title of first Indian woman to bag Miss World Bodybuilding Championship in Venice, Bhoomika’s next goal is to bag the Mr. & Ms. Universe Title, scheduled later for this year.

Yes, Bhoomika Sharma, who took the sport three years back had to fight with her family, had to withstand the not so welcoming gesture of society but was stuck with her conviction to achieve her goal.

“I cannot walk on roads till now. People stare at me with awe and sometimes they even doubt me on my gender,” reiterated Bhoomika.

To walk the odd way audaciously, Bhoomika’s mother, Mrs. Hansa Sharma, Dronacharya awardee and Chief Coach (now retired) in weightlifting strengthened her steps to follow her dreams. While her father, a businessman, was against the decision to take up bodybuilding.

Interestingly, Bhoomika has bagged Gold in Taekwondo at National level and a Bronze medal in shooting at an international level but her decision to drop shooting shocked her father collecting her mother’s trust that built the base for her.

Quoting “Sporty is Sexy” and backed with a strong conviction to establish bodybuilding as a sport for women, Bhoomika firmly believes that femininity can be maintained with sport where a woman need not alter her beauty in order to pursue a sport.

Where women are still fighting to abolish the hijab culture in all sports categories including Iranian Chess Federation that makes it compulsory for women to cover their heads and World Wrestling Federation allowing Iranian dress code for women, India’s conservative stereotypical notion of female sport is definitelytaking a backseat opening more streams for women sports in the country.