WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler sent all the Hulk Hogan fans into a frenzy in his latest episode of ‘Dinner With The King’  The trio of Lawler, Jimmy Hart and Glenn Moore hosted the show and spilled the beans on a possible Hulk Hogan comeback into the ring after the American wrestler was banned from the WWE and dropped from the list of WWE Hall Of Fame. Hogan was terminated from his contract in 2015 following a racial scandal and sex tape controversy.  Lawler and Moore also highlighted Hogan’s glorious career in Memphis.

In the incident which turned the wrestler’s fate, Hogan expressed disgust over the aspect of her daughter being with a black man; he was recorded saying nigger and landed in trouble later. After being scrutinised by the media over the controversy Hogan admitted to the comments.

The episode was largely centred on Hulk Hogan and his early heroics when he used to down wrestlers in Memphis. It seemed likely that a return for the former WWE champion could be on table and it completely depends on Hogan himself whether he sees himself inside that ring anytime soon or not.

During the show when a question bumped about Hogan’s return to the ring (at 37:44 minute) Jerry was quick to react,

He said “In the wrestling world, you nerve say never. I thought it was way big overreaction what happened with Hulk in this most recent situation — the reason why he’s not in WWE at the moment.

 But I think that has definitely blown over. It was never a big deal to begin with. And I don’t think anybody even thinks about that anymore. I do think a lot of people would like to see Hulk come back.

 I think, right now, the ball is in Hulk’s court. If he wants to come back, I think he would definitely be able to come back.”

Heart metalled the fact further by mentioning how Hogan’s video clips have recently surfaced back in promos and what it could possibly mean.

“You have seen clips of the Hulk being sprinkled into video packages lately on WWE programming. So I think one day that Hulk will be back where he deserves to be, with the WWE. I really do” he said

So the menacing Hulk Hogan could be back, but no one could guess when.

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