Manchester United star striker Romelu Lukaku’s Instagram account was reportedly hacked on Tuesday as fans started to notice some unusual activities from the Belgian’s official account.

Lukaku’s display picture was changed and more than 10 pictures of ‘epmuusic’ were shared from the account. The hacking news came hours after La Liga giants Barcelona got their Twitter account manipulated by some hackers who also leaked out information about Angel Di Maria’s imminent arrival at the Camp Nou.

Paul Pogba alarmed

Some Manchester United fans were quick to react to the incident and came forward to report the issue to AgentP, fans flooded Pogba’s latest Instagram post with comments suggesting him to inform Lukaku about the mishappening and help him not to get distracted before the big clash against Leicester on Saturday.

To everyone’s surprise, Paul Pogba reacted and assured fans that Lukaku will get the issue resolved. “Thanks guys, Romelu is on it to solve it,” replied the Man Utd star to assure the fans of action.

Cristiano Ronaldo trolled

This all came after a trolling comment from Romelu Lukaku’s official handle on Cristano Ronaldo’s recent post went viral.

Ronaldo took to Instagram yesterday where he criticized UEFA’s 5-match ban on him. “Another incomprehensible decision. Injustice is injustice, never will me. I’ll always come back stronger. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me,” CR7 said in the post.

‘Messi is better mate’, said a comment and to all United loyal who still possess a soft corner for their former superstar, it was a huge shock as it was from the official Instagram handle of Romelu Lukaku.

The comment saw a large uproar among the fans as the comparision from their new hero didn’t go down well with many Red Devils. But some United fans came to the striker’s rescue as they were quick to sense something wrong.

Soon after the happenings, it was confirmed that the Belgian’s account was indeed hacked as all the ‘epmuusic’ posts were immediately taken off t




Barcelona confirms hack

Also Barcelona responded with a tweet to convey to the supporters that their handle was hacked and that they are working to solve the problem. “Our accounts have been hacked tonight. We’re working to solve the problem as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience,” said the tweet by the Catalan club.

So if we go by the leak, Angel Di Maria is imminent to return back to Spain but in different colours this time around. Neymar has left a large physical and mental void to fill at the club, but Angel Di Maria’s stats and experience speaks for himself. Gear up for some transfer action before it gets to the pitch.