Pro Wrestling League has marked its footprints worldwide with three PWL players bagging a silver medal at the ongoing World Wrestling Championship, Paris. Performing a notch above as compared to their earlier performances, Odunayo Adekuoroye (55kg), Marwa Amri (58 kg) and Vasilisa Marzuilik (75 kg) paved their way to the finals through a tough challenge that led them to settle for silver at the 2017 edition of World Wrestling Championships. Interestingly, all the three wrestlers have dedicated their win to Pro Wrestling League as the platform gave them the exposure to fight with international athletes from across the world.

Silver for Bronze revenge

Tough and tall, marking her way to the wrestling hall with her singing art is Nigeria’s Odunayo Adekuoroye. With bagging silver in the ongoing World Wrestling Championship, participated in the first season of Pro Wrestling League and played for winning team Mumbai, Odunayo represented team Punjab in the second season of PWL and decorated the team with the winning title. Without losing a single bout in the first season of PWL, Odunayo remained a sensation of Wrestling during her participation in PWL with winning all the bouts.

Though, her second season in PWL brought bigger challenges where she lost one bout but won the rest.  Her experience from the mats of PWL has led to a victory over four consecutive bouts in the ongoing championships leaving behind the players from France, Czech Republic, Mongolia and Russia. However, her Gold medal contention was lost in front of Japan’s Haruna Okuno scoring to 4-5. Interestingly, Odunayo bagged a Bronze medal in the last World Championship that upgraded to Silver this year.

Marwa’s winning streak

On the other hand, ruling over the 58 kg weight category is Tunisia’a Marwa Amri who bagged another Silver to her kitty losing her final bout against Olympic and World Champion Helen Maroulis. Interestingly, Marwa Amri played for team Haryana Hammers in the second season of PWL, whereas Olympic champion Helen Maroulis has confirmed her participation for the third season of PWL.

 Won a Silver with many hearts

The third player of PWL, Vasilisa Marzuilik performed way better than her earlier performances at the World Championship mat, this time. Represented team Punjab in both the seasons of PWL, Vasilisa got a bye in the first round itself. Post that, Vasilisa defeated wrestlers from Kyrgyzstan, Canada and China that paved her way to the finals. However, her bout for Gold medal contention against Yasmine Aadar led her to go down by 4-5 that made her settle for Silver.

A brilliant performance showcased by PWL wrestlers makes a promising future for upcoming Championships and an interesting round of bouts in the third season of Pro Wrestling League.