Fighters Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor came face to face for the final press conference in Las Vegas before their super fight scheduled to be held on August 26. Both the fighters took turns to challenge each other in their own ways, without being interrupted by the other.

The conference began half an hour late with McGregor’s speech who started by thanking his team and his coach, mentioning that he was prepared for twelve 3-minute rounds of non-stop pace that will keep Mayweather under pressure. Conor further warned his competitor that he would not last more than 2 rounds in the fight. “I’m gonna outbox this man at his own game,” remarked a ‘confident’ Conor.

On the contrary, dressed in a loud chequered suit and sipping contentedly from a coffee cup, Floyd Mayweather had a completely different approach. He began his speech by thanking God and everyone else for ‘putting him in this position.’ Discarding his two-year tactic of hurling insults at McGregor at every given opportunity, Mayweather was at his modest best and praised the fighter mentioning “McGregor has got a hell of a career and he’s a hell of a fighter.”

Continuing his composed speech, Mayweather mentioned that when it comes down to him and McGregor, they would display their skills and give the fans what they want to see — “the best fighting the best.” He added in all humility, that Conor McGregor is like him in the Octagon, ‘undefeated standing up.’ However, he does not fail to warn his competitor and mentions that Conor is going to have a tough time because “the way he gives it, he needs to be able to take it the same way.”

Mayweather ended his speech by thanking the media that is covering the press conference and will be covering the big fight on Saturday, August 26.