A power-packed performance by bowlers followed by superb innings by Virat Kohli and Manish Pandey guided India to seven-wicket victory over Sri Lanka in the lone T20 match  at R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. 

Earlier, Virat Kohli won the toss and elected to field first restricting Lanka to 170/7 in 20 overs. India too began the things on a bad note as both Sharma and Rahul got out cheaply. However, Pandey and Kohli took charge of the situation from there to take the team to the safe harbors. Kohli was out for 82, while Pandey went on to hit the winning runs.

 Kohli was elected Man of the Match for his pristine knock of 82. 

The stunning victory also marked an end to the dream Lanka tour of India as they won all the matches in all three formats of the game. 

Brief Scores:

India: 174/3 (Virat Kohli 82, Manish Pandey 51 not out) vs Sri Lanka: 170/7 (Dilshan Munaweera 53, Ashan Priyanjan 40 not out, Isuru Udana 19 not out, Yuzvendra Chahal 3/43, Kuldeep Yadav 2/20).


11: 19 PM IST | Virat Kohli adjudged Man of the Match for his match-winning knock of 82. And with that we wrap up our live coverage. Hope you enjoyed! Good Night! 

10: 55 PM IST | Manish Pandey finishes off the match in style with a FOUR over extra cover! India beat Sri Lanka by seven wickets in one off T20I. With this India have also completed 9-0 whitewash in Sri Lanka, they had beaten Lanka by 3-0 in Test series and 5-0 in ODI series earlier. 

10: 50 PM IST | 19 overs bowled; IND 169/3 Pandey 47(35) Dhoni (0)

Dhoni replaces Kohli in the middle, will he hit the winning runs in style? Or will Pandey do the job? We gotta see! 

10: 48 PM IST| OUT! Kohli is gone! But he has already done his job, would be disappointed not to be able to finish things off. 

 V Kohli c Shanaka b Udana 82 (54b 7×4 1×6) SR: 151.85

10: 45 PM IST | 18 overs bowled; IND 160/2 Kohli 82(52) Pandey 38(31)

12 off the over. Kohli guiding the innings, Pandey providing wonderful support. 

10: 39 PM IST | 17 overs bowled; IND 148/2 Kohli 74(48) Pandey 35 (28)

23 off 18 needed, should be easy peasy 

10: 36 PM IST | 16 overs bowled; IND 142/2 Kohli 71(41) Pandey 32 (25)

Both these batsmen are resolved to finish the match by themselves. SL totally out of sorts here! 

10: 32 PM IST | 15 overs bowled; IND 133/2 Kohli 63(40) Pandey 31 (24)

A better over from Dananjaya, but too late perhaps! Five off the over.  Trivia time! Kohli’s last 3 innings in Colombo have looked something like this — 131 (4th ODI) , 110* (5th ODI) 60* (T20I). 

10: 29 PM IST | 14 overs bowled; IND 128/2 Kohli 60(36) Pandey 29 (22)

Lankan bowling has become ineffective now, they need to try out new weapons. India gliding towards the total without any problems what soever. 

10: 23 PM IST | 13 overs bowled; IND 118/2 Kohli 57(33) Pandey 25 (19)

Kohli has completed his fifty off Prasanna’s bowling. His brilliant run continues as India inch closer to the target in full-on style! 

10: 18 PM IST | 12 overs bowled; IND 106/2 Kohli 46(28) Pandey 25 (18)

Kohli has raced towards his fifty in no time, Pandey too supporting well. SL desperately need a couple of wickets now! 

10: 13 PM IST | 11 overs bowled; IND 89/2 Kohli 40(25) Pandey 14 (15)

India fully in control of the chase, Pandey too beginning to play his strokes. Kohli already standing tall in the middle.

10: 11 PM IST | 10 overs bowled; IND 82/2 Kohli 35(21) Pandey 12 (13)

We touch the halfway-mark of Indian innings. 89 off last 60 balls needed. 

10: 06 PM IST | 9 overs bowled; IND 67/2 Kohli 25(17) Pandey 7 (11) 

Kohli and Pandey taking charge of the situation after early loss of openers just like the last match. Not a huge target, plenty of balls remaining, no need to rush either. 

10: 03 PM IST | 8 overs bowled; IND 57/2 Kohli 17(13) Pandey 5 (9)

Kohli’s batting prowess was at full display as he welcomed Prasanna with a six. India need 112 off 72. 

10: 00 PM IST | 7 overs bowled; IND 47/2 Kohli 9(9) Pandey 4 (7)

SL continue to keep run rate under check, only 4 off the last over. 

09: 57 PM IST | 6 overs bowled; IND 43/2 Kohli 8(8) Pandey 1 (2)

End of power play! Pandey replaces Rahul in the middle. He put up 99-run stand with Kohli in the last match of ODI series. Let’s see what the duo does here. 

09: 54 PM IST | Out! Rahul falls for 24, a BRILLIANT catch by Shanaka at short cover. 

KL Rahul c Shanaka b Prasanna 24 (18b 3×4 0x6) SR: 133.33

09: 50 PM IST | 5 overs bowled; IND 39/1 Kohli 7(7)) Rahul 22(15)

Five overs have been bowled, last over of power play remaining. 

09: 45 PM IST | 4 overs bowled; IND 31/1 Kohli 1(3)) Rahul 21(13)

Udana takes inspiration from Malinga, beats Kohli twice in the over. Good bowling from Lankans. 

09: 42 PM IST | 3 overs bowled; IND 23/1 Kohli 0(1)) Rahul 14(9)

Kohli is the new batsman. India managed only two runs in last over, Malinga keeping things tight. 

09:38 PM IST| WICKET! Malinga draws first blood, Sharma edges it to Parera and walks back to pavilion after scoring only single digits. 

RG Sharma c Perera b Malinga 9 (8b 1×4 0x6) SR: 112.50

09: 30 PM IST | 2 overs bowled; IND 21/0 Sharma 9(6) Rahul 12(6)

Udana starts the attack from the other side, Rahul welcomes him with a four. 9 runs off the  off the over.

09: 30 PM IST | 1 over bowled; IND 12/0 Sharma 6(6) Rahul 6(6)

Indian begin on a fiery note! Both Sharma and Rahul making their intentions clear. 

09:25 PM IST| Welcome back! All set for Indian chase, are we? Rahul and Sharma in the middle to begin proceedings. Mathews to begin the bowling attack for Lanka. 

09: 08 PM IST | 20 overs bowled; SL 170/7 Priyanjan 41(40) Udana 19(10)

Sri Lanka finish off at 170/7. A fighting total in the end despite regular fall of wickets. We well be back with Indian chase after the break. 

09: 05 PM IST | 19 overs bowled; SL 157/7 Priyanjan 29(35) Udana 18(9)

SL touch down the 150-run mark, last over coming up! 

09: 00 PM IST | 18 overs bowled; SL 144/7 Priyanjan 26(33) Udana 8(5)

Eight runs off the last over, courtsey a brilliant six by Udana on last ball. Superb display of batting skills from SL here and there. 

08: 57 PM IST | 17 overs bowled; SL 136/7 Priyanjan 25(3) Udana 1(1)

Udana replaces Prasanna in the middle. Brilliant performance by Indian bowlers continues, Chahal takes the cake. 

08: 53 PM IST | WICKET! Andd another one bites the dust! Bad timing from Prasanna and captain makes no mistake.  

S Prasanna c Kohli b Kuldeep Yadav 11 (8b 1×4 0x6) SR: 137.50

08: 50 PM IST | 16 overs bowled; SL 127/6 Priyanjan 23(29) Prasanna 5(5)

08: 45 PM IST | 15 overs bowled; SL 118/6 Priyanjan 18(25) Prasanna 3(3)

Last five overs of the innings remaining. SL have only four wickets in hand, let’s how many runs they manage to put up on the board from here as the season of fall continues. 

08: 40 PM IST | 14 overs bowled; SL 113/6 Priyanjan 16(22)

Wickets continue to fall at regular intervals, SL drowning further and further. 

08:40 PM IST| WICKET! Shanaka is out for a duck! 

MD Shanaka lbw b Chahal 0 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

08: 39 PM IST | OUT! Parera goes for 11, Chahal picks up another wicket. 

NLTC Perera b Chahal 11 (7b 0x4 1×6) SR: 157.14

08: 37 PM IST | 13 overs bowled; SL 105/4 Parera 3(4), Priyanjan 16(22)

Run rate has taken a hit due to regular dismissal of wickets, only 4 runs off the last over. 

08: 35 PM IST | 12 overs bowled; SL 101/4 Parera 1(2), Priyanjan 14(18)

Sri Lanka have slumped further with the fall of Munaweera’s wicket. Parera walks in to bat. 

08: 33 PM IST | WICKET! Danger man Munaweera is out, SL dig further. 

EMDY Munaweera b Kuldeep Yadav 53 (29b 5×4 4×6) SR: 182.75

08: 30 PM IST | 11 overs bowled; SL 98/3 Munaweera 53(28), Priyaranjan 12(15)

Half ton for Munaweera in the last over, it is his maiden T20 fifty! 

08: 28 PM IST | 10 overs bowled; SL 90/3 Munaweera 49(25), Priyaranjan 8(12)

We are halfway through the first innings. Sri Lanka inching closer to the 100-run mark, Munaweera 1 run away from half ton. 

08: 24 PM IST | 9 overs bowled; SL 84/3 Munaweera 49(25), Priyaranjan 2(6)

Munaweera just one run away from his half ton, he has played well, but wickets continue to fall from the other side. 

08: 20 PM IST | 8 overs bowled; SL 67/3 Munaweera 33(19), Priyaranjan 2(6)

Only two runs off the last over, SL will have to ensure they keep the scoreboard ticking, while keeping the wickets intact at the same time. 

08: 17 PM IST | 7 overs bowled; SL 65/3 Munaweera 32(17), Priyaranjan 1(2)

Priyaranjan walks in to bat after Mathews’ dismissal. Sri Lanka need to get their act together if they want to put up a fight here. 

08: 13 PM IST | WICKET! Another brilliant piece of stumping by Dhoni sends Mathews back.  The call was taken by third umpire, but in the end a correct decision. 

AD Mathews st †Dhoni b Chahal 7 (5b 1×4 0x6) SR: 140.00

08: 10 PM IST | 6 overs bowled; SL 60/2 Munaweera 29(15), Matthews 6(3)

Munaweera looking in solid form, Indians would like to see the back of him soon. 

08: 05 PM IST | 5 overs bowled; SL 47/2 Munaweera 21(11), Matthews 1(1) 

Five overs have been completed. Not really an ideal start for Sri Lanka, Indian bowlers have two wickets to rejoice though. 

08: 03 PM IST | WICKET! Bumrah dismisses Dickwella for 17. Sri Lanka have lost both the openers, danger man Munaweera still in the middle. 

N Dickwella b Bumrah 17 (14b 3×4 0x6) SR: 121.42

07: 59 PM IST | 4 overs bowled; SL 46/1, Dickwella 17(11) Munaweera 21(9)

Munaweera is on fire! Hits Chahal over the rope on very first two deliveries, Indian bowlers turning out to be expensive here! 

07: 56 PM IST | 3 overs bowled; SL 32/1, Dickwella 16 (10) Munaweera 9 (4)

Munaweera too in hitting mood! Gets off the mark with two boundaries in the over. 

07: 55 PM IST | OUT! Up goes the finger, Bhuvi sends Tharanga back! 

WU Tharanga b Kumar 5 (4b 1×4 0x6) SR: 125.00

07: 51 PM IST | 2 overs bowled; SL 15/0, Dickwella 16 (10) Tharanga 1(2)

Dickwella has started to open his hands, back-to back three boundaries off Kumar’s bowling.  

07: 45 PM IST | 1 over bowled; SL 5/0,  Dickwella 2 (5) Tharanga 0(1) 

Careful start by the Sri Lankan openers. 

07: 39 PM IST | Players walk on to the field, action to begin shortly! Bhuvneshwar with the ball,  Tharanga and Dickwella are the openers for Sri Lanka. 

07: 35 PM IST | Talking about the teams, KL Rahul and Axar Patel are in for India, Pandya will miss the match. Sri Lanka have made many changes in the squad,  Sekkuge, Thisara, Shanaka and Udana are in.

India: RG Sharma, V Kohli, L Rahul, M Pandey, K Jadhav, MS Dhoni, A Patel, B Kumar, K Yadav, J Bumrah, Y Chahal

Sri Lanka: N Dickwella, WU Tharanga, D Munaweera, A Priyanjan, A Mathews, D Shanaka, S Prasanna, NTLC Perera, A Dananjaya, L Malinga, I Udana

07: 28 PM IST | Indian skipper Virat Kohli has won the toss and elected to bowl first. 

7:12 PM IST |Okay people, inspection has been done. Covers are off, ground is not that damp anymore. Toss will take place at 7:25 PM. Match likely to begin at 7: 40 PM. Going by umpires’ word, we will have a full game. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! 

06: oo PM IST | Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of T20 match between India and Sri Lanka. It was raining earlier due to which toss has been delayed. Inspection will take place at 7 PM.