Buenos Aires: Argentine football icon Diego Maradona has denied feeling depressed after the death of his father, saying that he will go “for FIFA” in a video he posted on Facebook.

“I know that they’re saying lots of things. Nobody can know what I’m feeling inside over the death of my father. They cut off a love from me that I thought was eternal and that can’t be forgotten so easily,” Maradona said, reports Efe.

In the cellphone video, Maradona, who led Argentina to victory in the 1986 World Cup and later coached the national squad, is seen on a football pitch wearing sports clothes and holding a ball under his left arm.

“It’s not depression. It’s not that I’m angry with the Argentines or with the world. I just have the sadness of a son who is grateful, and I’m going to be until the day that I die,” he added with regard to the death of his father Don Diego, who passed away on June 25.

“I’m telling all Argentines that I’m strong, that they’re not going to break me, that I’m very tough, I have a lot of popular support. But hold on, because when I come back, I’m coming back with everything, I’m coming back to work, I’m coming back for FIFA, and above all things I’m coming back for my family, because I know that they are suffering just like me,” said Maradona.

In the May 29 elections for the presidency of FIFA, football’s world governing body, Maradona supported Jordanian Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein, who lost to incumbent Sepp Blatter.

Days later, however, Blatter announced that he would step down and convene another election amid the continuing public outcry over FIFA corruption scandals.

Uruguayan journalist Victor Hugo Morales had said a few months ago that Maradona had expressed to him his wish to be FIFA president. The presidential vote is set for February 26, 2016.

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