Known for troubling batsmen throughout during his illustrious cricket career, Australian legendary leg-spinner Shane Warne looks all set to play the protagonist in yet another controversy as he is now being allegedly involved in a nightclub quarrel with glamour model Valerie Fox in London.

As per sources, Valerie has recorded an official complaint to police officials and also uploaded the alleged bruises she received during the noisy altercation with the former Australian spinner, who is no stranger to controversies.   

In her post, the 30-year-old lashed out on Warne with fuming comments saying, “Proud of yourself? Hitting a woman?  She even called Shane Warne a ‘vile creature’.

Valerie also made herself clear that despite Warne has a decent fan following and he is famous but he won’t get away after assaulting a woman. 

“And no, I’m not lying. Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you can hit women and get away with it,” the glamour model who has over 70K followers was quoted as saying.  

Sources have revealed that the row sparked in front of some onlookers as there were witnesses who saw Valerie and Warne in disagreement to something. After the row, the glamour model is said to have fallen to the floor.

While investigating the alleged assault, police are looking for CCTV footage that can shed light on the whole incident.

Mentioning the glorious career Shan Warne had, the remarkable spinner is considered as the greatest of all times for taking over 1,000 international wickets. 

Even though the allegations might be not that vivid for many but if found guilty, Warne might bid farewell to his big money-making television contracts.