With superstardom comes money and money buys you things, err, top quality things and in huge numbers. Arsenal superstar Mesut Ozil moved to Arsenal from Real Madrid in a whopping 42.5 million euros and is one of the top paid footballers at Arsenal. To be precise about it, Ozil reportedly earns 7.28 million pounds an year that is more than half a million per month. The German international gave a sneak peek of his luxurious house to Hypebeast and it supremely suits the wizard of football.

In the video, the German midfielder showcases some of his football skills in front of his London-based multi-storey house and then begins the tour of his luxuries. First room is his private lounge with a large couch and a huge TV screen where Ozil and his friends hang out often. The Turkish-born footballer has a priceless painting of an Ottoman Sultan who conquered the capital city of Turkey, Istanbul.

Then come his living room which is entirely made of white stone with all the furnishings imported from Turkey. While showing the antiques and decorations in his living room, Arsenal playmaker reveals that his entire house is designed by his friend. The biggest delight for the football lovers is his cinema and playstation room which gloats of a ridiculously large TV screen where there is a seating arrangement for a couple of people. Ozil shows off his TV screen by playing FIFA on his PS4 and then switches on his bragger by displaying his gaming skills while playing for Arsenal.

But out of all the things, Ozil’s dressing room takes all the plaudits away. A massive assortment of shoes — sports shoes, studs, sneakers, boots and you name it — clearly tells how big a fan Ozil is of shoes. The dressing room has a king size wardrobe that has a huge variety of clothing and accessories.

Can there be any rich man in the world without a luxury car? Before ending the house tour, Ozil takes Hypebeast to his car parking where he shows them two of his Mercedes mean machines. Oh! Did we tell you that Ozil is a brand ambassador of Mercedes Benz? He owns an S-Coupe AMG and a G-Class AMG which ornate the front of his house serenely.