Liverpool midfielder Wijnaldum has revealed that his teammate Coutinho received a warm welcome when he came back at Anfield after his negotiations with Barcelona failed to materialise last summer.  Liverpool will take on newly promoted Newcastle United next in their Premier League campaign on Sunday, where  Coutinho is expected to continue his red-hot form when his side will travel to St James’ Park, which has often hosted captivating contests between the two Merseyside clubs. 

 Speaking about their prolific midfielder and his transfer saga that came to a close along with the end of this season’s transfer window, Wijnaldum said that it was difficult for the midfielder and the club understands why he wanted a move away to Barcelona. “It was difficult. Phil is a really good person, and we understood why he wanted to make the move. He’s someone who has always given everything for Liverpool. He has done a great job fighting for Liverpool,” Wijnaldum told the Liverpool Echo.

The 25-year-old Brazlian, who missed Liverpool’s first six matches this season really wanted to make the move while on the other side his teammates were urging him to stay. “On one side, we would have been happy for him if he could have gone as he really wanted to make the move, but on the other side as teammates you want him to stay because you know with Phil we’ll be better,” Wijnaldum was quoted as saying.

“You can see it from both sides. Someone was going to be disappointed at the end of the transfer window, and it was Phil,” he added. Although Coutinho’s attitude towards the Anfield side has never been in doubt as Wijnaldum considers him a standout player who can win games for any side. “Phil didn’t just show it in these two games, but throughout last season he showed what a top player he is,” Wijnaldum remarked.

Wijnaldum believes that Coutinho is that sort of a player who will give his all for the Merseyside club. “You never know what will happen in the future. But Phil is a good person and, no matter how long he’s here, I know he will always give everything for Liverpool. We’re so happy that he stayed,” he concluded.