Barcelona: FC Barcelona has no intention of disposing of its forward Pedro Rodriguez, but any team that wants to enlist his services will have pay 30 million euros ($32.6 million) for his buyout clause, the Catalan club’s new technical secretary Robert Fernandez has said.
“His buyout clause is 30 million euros. He’s a player that has performed fantastically for Barca,” Fernandez said during his official presentation for his new role with Barcelona on Thursday, reports Efe.
The new technical secretary made similar comments about a possible departure for Adriano Correia, according to the team’s official website, while neither player has yet confirmed a future with the team.
However, Fernandez said, “I spoke to them in San Francisco and I get the feeling that they’ll stay. We’re working on it.”
The buyout clause is a clear reflection of the official’s desire to keep Pedro: “Both the manager and I want him to stay. We don’t want to lose him but we know that this is a risky situation and we’ll have to wait. If he goes, we’ll lose a lot of things.”