We all know how important cricket is for every Indian, and how Indians have been really invested in this particular game for the longest time now, making sure to watch each and every match gathered around the television. The entire family watch is it, be it a man or a woman, a child or a completely grown adult with responsibilities, you will not find a lot of people here who do not admire cricket and the people who play it marvellously.

Today we talk about one beloved cricketer, and also a professional one from Bihar. Adarsh Singh has always been enthusiastic about cricket, making a point to Excel in this particular field if not academic. School was really not that big of a deal for him, and every person is entitled to giving the maximum amount of priority in that place in which they are actually talented in, rather than focusing on something that you would not use in your life at all. Similarly , Adarsh Singh decided to focus on his cricket career and dropped out after the completion of his 10th grade examinations , and till date he has never regretted that decision because he has other achievements up his list to be proud of.

He has played in U-16 as well as U 19, and back then he was the only player to have taken 5 wickets total in the zonal matches. Impressive enough, he also completed two whole centuries while batting at #8, this was so impressive that he fan following immediately doubled because of the true talent he possesses.

However, Adarsh Singh continues to work hard and train towards having a better future, this is because playing cricket is not something that happens once you have mastered it, one needs to train themselves regularly and get adapted to the kind of stamina required for carrying on a successful game. If there is someone he wants to thank, it is his coach Robin and also his father for keeping him motivated throughout the journey. They have not only provided him with the right kind of plan and procedure to succeed, but also immense about amount of moral support to carry on even after Facing difficult situations in life.

A true player at heart, he has the self belief and the required talents to achieve anything. Never too proud, only humble towards his career, Adarsh Singh will very soon become a national name.