The ICC World Cup final between New Zealand and England more than joy resulted in disappointment, not because of players but vague rules. In cricket history’s best world cup final ever, two teams competing against each other were so good that there had to be a tie-breaker round or what you call Super Over in Cricket jargon. The super over too could not decide the winner as scores were tied here as well, but the winner had to be declared, a call had to be made.

Hence, abiding by the rules of Super Over, if there’s tie, the winner is declared on the basis of most number of boundaries by either of the teams, hence New Zealand’s ill-fate was once again looming their world cup prospects as the trophy which was as much theirs as England was snatched away because of rules that go beyond the logic of logical reasoning. But ‘rules’ they are, what else can you do?

Many saw the dramatic world cup winner declaration as unfair given the equal number of runs and chasing managed by New Zealand. Cricket experts have since then been asking to amend ICC Super Over rules and the New Zealand team since then has garnered support from across the world. Among many celebrities to question 2019 World Cup winner is Amitabh Bachchan who has mocked ICC rules with his hilarious analogy:

In the tweet, the legendary actor tries decoding the logistics of super boundary saying if one has to determine the wealth quotient of two individuals owning the same amount of money i.e. 2,000. He wrote the individual having four Rs 500 notes will be assumed wealthier over the one with a Rs 2,000 note directly. This is what happened with the New Zealand team, who, despite being equally eligible for the trophy were left out, let alone sharing the trophy. 


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