Asian Games 2018 are just over a week away from commencement in Indonesia’s Jakarta and Palembang, and there are several Indian stars who are gunning for glory in the forthcoming mega sporting event. The Indian contingent which is to participate in the 18th edition of Asian Games comprises of at least 276 male athletes and another 247 females. There are many among them who offer much hope and promise but only a few stand out like Indian racewalker Khushbir Kaur.

Who is Khushbir Kaur?

Born on July 9, 1993, Khusbir Kaur hails from a small town in Amritsar, Punjab. She had displayed her athletic talents from a young age and proved her mettle when she smashed junior national records in the 5 km and 10 km events. After conquering the national junior circuit, Kaur moved to the international platform to show her prowess to the world. In her first Youth Asian Games, she clinched the second rank and went on to secure the third rank in the Junior Asian Games. However, senior Walking Asian Championship in Japan was a disappointment for her as she could only manage a 5th place.

What are her professional achievements?

Coming fresh from the dismal performance in Walking Asian Championship, Khushbir Kaur broke her own personal record and also the national record in the Women’s 20 km Walk during the Moscow World Championship in 2013. However, even that record-breaking walk got her to the 39th finish in the event.

It was in the 2014 Asian Games where Kaur announced herself to the world. She once again bested her personal record and smashed the national record, and she was duly rewarded with a silver medal at the Games for her stellar performance.

Fast forward 4 years, Khushbir Kaur’s favourite platform is set again but this time in Indonesia. Given the strides she has made in the past couple of years, it will not come as a surprise if she manages to clinch gold at the Asian Games 2018.