Defending champion India on Thursday lost to Iran in the semi-finals of the Asian Games 2018 Indonesia by 27-18. and have to settle for a bronze medal. This will be the first time in the history of Asian Games that India would come back home without Men’s Kabaddi Gold Medal. As per the Asian Games records, India has been 7-time defending champion but this year team lost to Iran in the semis.

This is India’s second international failure at the Asian Games 2018 Indonesia. The team earlier faced a defeat against South Korea by 23-24 on Saturday. “The forward line did not work today and there were problems with super tackle as well,” said Indian coach Ram Mehar Singh.   

The men in blue started the game with a lead but the defending champions missed a chance to inflict an all-out on Iran. Iran made a comeback with a super-tackle to make it 6-7. Indian skipper Ajay Thakur also sustained a cut on the forehead during the game.

After the match, former Indian Kabaddi player Raju Bhavsar called it as the saddest day for Indian kabaddi. Recalling the days from where we had started out in 1990s, Raju Bhavsar said, this is unfortunate that India has gone on a downward spiral in the sport.

He added that Pro Kabaddi League has helped players to grow and earn a lot from it, but the problem is that they are living in a dreamland where they believe that they are the best in the world.