Indian women’s team had a phenomenal World Cup campaign earlier this year where they went down against a formidable English side fighting for the title, but the glorious stint was enough to put the teams upfront among the sporting heroes of the country. They were highly applauded for their performance and got the deserved acclamation on returning home. Now BCCI has come up with a brilliant move — that of raising the salaries of the women’s cricketers along with the senior men’s players who often miss out on expensive IPL contracts. BCCI treasurer Anirudh Chaudhary proposed the move demanding an increase in the players’ salary which will be reviewed by the CoA (Committee of Administrators) and if passed will benefit the players.

According to an Indian Express report, the financial shake up will see senior men cricketers playing domestic leagues like the Ranji Trophy and Duleep Trophy thus getting a hike in their daily match fee from Rs 10,000 Rs 25,000 whereas the women players who are currently on a Rs 3,500 per day pay will receive up to Rs 12,500 per day.

A good move for Women’s cricketers say Test specialists

After Indian women’s team came all guns blazing at the World Cup, a lot of fans and critics had demanded an equal pay structure and better facilities for the Indian eves. Former cricketer Virender Sehwag had also voiced his opinion in the matter, demanding an IPL-like tournament for the women cricketers.

The Board plans to categorise Indian women’s cricketers pay in 3 divisions where the A-listed women will earn a salary of Ra 50 lakh/year, the Grade B cricketers will be pocketing Rs 30 lakh/year and the C grade women’s cricketers will get Rs 15 lakh/year. The players currently earn Rs 15 lakh and Rs 10 lakh in two categories.

This move will further balance out the disproportionate IPL pay out scheme where several senior players like Cheteshwar Pujara and Ishant Sharma who play county cricket and represent India in Tests miss out on the fat IPL pay. The proposal also puts a cap on uncapped IPL players for whom the franchises can bid as much as they want but the player will not be paid above the decided cap. This move will encourage the young cricketers in taking up Test cricket and not let them be attracted by big match fees in T20 leagues. However, a nod from the CoA is still to be garnered in the matter, following which the proposal would be accepted and executed by the BCCI.