Ben Stokes family controversy: England all-rounder Ben Stokes, who was the hero in England’s World Cup victory, on Wednesday slammed The Sun, an English daily, for printing a frontpage story about his family tragedy his without its permission. The star cricketer described The Sun’s report immoral and heartless, and extremely painful. He said the sensitive story carried personal details about his family’s private lives going back 31 years even before his birth.

Lashing out at the tabloid, Stokes called it disguised journalism and despicable behavior and said he has no words for such low-class journalism.

According to Stokes, the newspaper sent their reporter on Saturday to his parents’ house in New Zealand and the reporter questioned them, out of the blue, on such an upsetting topic. If that was not enough, the Sun thought it was ok to paraphrase their tragedy for their front-page story by using his name. He said the incident shattered the private lives of his parents.

The Sun had reported that Stokes’ step-siblings, Tracey and Andrew, were killed by his mother’s ex Richard Dunn in 1988, and he killed himself. This was before the Stokes’ was born. The cricketer added that he is aware that he would be subject to scrutiny given his public profile, but called Sun’s story inaccurate and totally out of order.

Ben Stokes added that there is a serious need to look at how the press should behave.

Here’s The Sun’s story on Ben Stokes’ family tragedy which erupted the controversy.

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