The 2018 Indian Commonwealth Games contingent might be receiving special treatment from the concerned Commonwealth Games authorities in the wake of the controversial syringe controversy. The organisers of the mega event are keeping Indian athletes at Gold Coast on high alert for dope testing. The Indian athletes are under the radar of the Commonwealth Games Federation for violating the no needle policy after a used syringe was recovered on Monday from the room of an athlete at the Games Village. Following the incident, all athletes were asked to give their urine samples for dope testing.

While the boxers were tested on Friday, Gymnasts gave their samples on Monday followed by weightlifters, who were tested on Sunday. Refuting to the alleged violation of the no-needle policy the Indian contingent on Monday denied any wrongdoing at the Games village. Suggesting that the syringes found outside from the room of the athletes could belong to any nations’ dugout who are allotted the same section at the Games village. Speaking to news agency PTI on Monday, a top official from the Indian dugout revealed that the syringe recovered from an athlete at the Games village belonged to an Indian but there were no false play or violation done by India.

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“There has been no doping violation because the syringe had been used to inject multi-vitamins. The boxers have been tested and had there been a violation, we would have known by now,” a top official was quoted as saying by PTI. As a result, the Australian anti-doping officials are giving Indian athletes a hard time after the infringement of a much strict No-Needle Policy of Commonwealth Games. As per reports, Indian athletes who are arriving at the Games village are directly summoned by the ASADA officials to handover their samples. Instead of giving a much-deserved rest after their long flight, Indian athletes are overlooked by the suspicious eyes of the CWG officials.  

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