The 22nd edition of Commonwealth Games was in for a grand finale as ace shuttlers PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal competed in a never seen before — all India badminton final at Gold Coast. With their respective wins in the semis, World No 3 PV Sindhu and her Indian counterpart from the badminton contingent — Saina Nehwal, set a date with each other in the summit clash at Gold Coast. No matter what the outcome was, India were assured of getting silver and gold in badminton thanks to an all Indian mega finale in CWG badminton singles final. Just like the Indian contingent, the result was a double win for Pullela Gopichand, who has been a champion of a mentor for both Saina and Sindhu over the years. 

In men’s final new World No 1 Kidambi Srikanth was up against World No 7 and Malaysian icon Lee Chong Wei in another high voltage summit clash.While Srikanth registered an easy 21-10, 21-17 straight games victory over England’s Rajiv Ouseph, Chong Wei overcame World No.11 Prannoy 21-16, 9-21, 21-14 to confirm his date with the Indian ace shuttler at Gold Coast. In the end, it was  Malaysia’s Lee Chong who got the better of Kidmabi Srikanth to clinch the gold in men’s singles at Gold Coast. 

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Here are the highlights of the 2018 CWG badminton finals on Day 11 from Gold Coast:

08:20 AM IST — A disappointed yet proud Srinkanth will have to settle for silver. Huge win for the Malaysian talisman as he claimed gold and emerged victorious over the current World No 1 Srikanth. 

08:18 AM IST — It’s over! Lee Chong has defeated Kidambi Srikanth to clinch Commonwealth Games gold medal at Gold Coast. Not an upset, in fact, its a fair result to be honest. 

08:14 AM IST — Fantastic backhand return by Srikanth! The Indian ace is getting back in this one. Lee Chong still leading by 6 points. 

08:12 AM IST — 7 point lead locked by Lee Chong so far, Kidambi Srikanth is making a desperate attempt in the third and final game but his Malaysian opponent is running riot and showing no signs of slowing down.  

08:10 AM IST — 14-8 to Lee Chong! The Malaysian icon is taking away the gold meal finish from Kidambi Srikanth at Gold Coast. Impressive rally and a superb body smash take Lee Chong to 6 point lead over the Indian shuttler. 

08:02 AM IST — Impressive comeback by the Malaysian veteran in game 2. Lee Chong wraps up the second match and we will now have the winner of men’s competition from the third and final game. Lee Chong tied the final 1-1 against Srikanth at Gold Coast. 

07:49 AM IST — Another point for Lee Chong! The unfortunate lapse of concentration might prove costly for the Indian. Can Lee Chong come from behind to level the game 1-1 in this enchanting final?  

07:47 AM IST — Srikanth enjoyed the slightest of lead in the first game. The former World No 1 has improved his game against the current World No 1 in the second as he leads the game 2 by 11-9.    

07:45 AM IST — Impressive from Kidambi Srikanth! superb smash down the line from Kidambi to get the better of Chong. This has been the longest rally in the final.Crucial point for Srikanth as the World No 1 leads the second the game 9-8. 

07:42 AM IST — Out again! Slight dip in concentration for Lee Chong in the game 2. Kidambi Srikanth is enjoying the errors but its still 7-7 in the second game. 

07:41 AM IST — Long return from Kidambi Srikanth not once but twice, Lee Chong gets level pegging with the Indian in no time. 

07:39 AM IST — Kidambi Srikanth is dominating the tie and is giving Lee Chong a hard time to settle in the second game. The Indian is keen on repeating his first game performance in the second. 

07:36 AM IST — Kidambi Srikanth wins the first game 21-19! Interestingly Kidambi has never lost a match after winning the first game at Gold Coast. But in the final, records don’t count as he up against CWG veteran who has won the finals in his glittering career twice. 

07:34 AM IST — Kidambi gets a point! The Indian leads game 1 20-19. The Indian shuttler will be looking to wrap up the first game under his belt.  

07:23 AM IST — All eyes on Kidambi! The World No 1 is leading the tie 13-10 over his Malaysian opponent.  A sublime finish to take three-point cushion over  Lee Chong Wei.  

07:22 AM IST — Kidambi apologies for the body smash over his senior finalist but gets the point eventually. The Indian badminton star is leading the tie 11-9. The first break of the game and Srikanth completed his comeback and is pole position so far. 

07:20 AM IST — Comeback stronger than ever by Kidambi Srikanth! The Indian ace shuttler is back in the tie and has taken a 2 point lead over Lee Chong. Kidambi Srikanth leads 9-7 in the CWG men’s final.  

07:18 AM IST — Surprise surprise! Kidambi Srikanth is five points down against Lee Chong in the initial stages of the match. Lee Chong is standards straight for Malaysia as he is unlikely to hand over the gold to World No 1 easily. 

07:15 AM IST — Next up is men’s final between Kidambi Srikanth and Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia. The match is already underway between the World No 1 and current World No 7 in the men’s badminton ranking.  

06:45 AM IST — Thats it! Saina Nehwal has flushed PV Sindhu’s gold hopes here at Gold Coast with straight match wins. Nehwal wrapped up the tie in her favour by giving the second game a thrilling finish. Its was a win-win situation for India and the champions mentor Gopichand. Nehwal takes gold by winning the second game 23-21.

06:45 AM IST — Nehwal is Saina gets back in it with another point, second match point for Saina Nehwal. 

06:44 AM IST — Match point! Not that easy for Saina. Sindhu gets another point, steals the match point from Saina. 

06:43 AM IST— All square again, scoreline reads 20-20 in the final at Gold Coast between Saina and Sindhu in the second game. 

06:42 AM IST— WOW! its do or die for Sindhu, an impressive backhand return by WORLD no 3. She gets a point over Saina. 

06:40 AM IST — Brilliant comeback from Saina! A single point game for both shutllers. 19-19! Saina has levelled the second game againts Sindhu. 

06:37 AM IST — Lifeline for Saina! Instant review unsuccessful for Sindhu. Saina is getting inching close to level the second game. 

06:35 AM IST — Sindhu gets a point lead over Saina! It should be no way back for Sindhu from here if she wants to make a comeback. Its 18-15 now, Sindhu on a three-point lead over Saina. 

06:34 AM IST — Sindhu leads 16-14; It looked Saina will get on level pegging but another forced error from Sindhu gives her a crucial point. 

06:33 AM IST — Sindhu leads 15-14: Saina is getting close now, a point game now between the two.

06:30 AM IST — 15-11 to Sindhu! Impressive comeback by the World No 3 in the second game. Sindhu is making sure that Nehwal will not bridge the gap in the second game. 

06:24 AM IST — Same mistake by Sindhu down the line, Saina is getting close to Sindhu in the second. 

06:20 AM IST — 10-7 to Sindhu! The World No 12 is making her presence felt at Gold Coast. Gets the better of Sindhu once again to salvage a point in the second game. 

06:18 AM IST — 7-5 to Sindhu! Calm and composed Sindhu is all set to take the second game away from Saina as far as the initial stages of the match is concerned. 

06:18 AM IST — 6-5 to Nehwal! Straight three points down the drain for Sindhu. The world No 3 is returning well. gets a point in the end to make it 6-5 

06:15 AM IST — 4-3 to Nehwal for now! Smash straight at Sindhu’s face. Saina gets another one thanks to Sindhu’s sloppy return.  

06:13 AM IST — Must win game for both the queens! Saina loses first two points to Sindhu. A point to Sindhu in the end. 

06:12 AM IST — Coming on the cards? Saina Nehwal doesn’t think so. The World No 12 has outclassed PV Sindhu in the first game. She wins the first game 21-18. Good recovery by Sindhu but not enough to strong her fellow compatriot. 

06:02 AM IST —  Saina currently leading the game with 14-9. She is not giving any breathing space to PV Sindhu!  

06:00 AM IST — Take that Sindhu! With series of downward strokes, Saina has taken things in control momentarily in the final against PV Sindhu. At first, Nehwal took a 9-4 lead after the game started on level-pegging, then the ace shuttler unleased inner strength towards Sindhu by drawing 5 points straight. 

05:55 AM IST — An Intense battle between Saina and Sindhu! The final has kickstarted with both badminton queens being level on points. With Sindhu’s starpping smashes and Saina’s equally matched reply, the game has off to a flying start!

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